DistrictHive improves its facilities this summer: infinity pool, outdoor shower and star gazing lounge

  • The new facilities can already be enjoyed and have been put into operation under the premises of sustainability that characterize the project
  • Geometric shapes and black color, the signs of identity that are maintained
  • The podtel can be rented at districthive.com, Booking and Airbnb

Project Name: DistrictHive Incorporates A Swimming Pool, Outdoor Shower And Lounge
Studio Name: DistrictHive

DistrictHive Incorporates A Swimming Pool, Outdoor Shower And Lounge By DistrictHive - Sheet3
©Gonzalo Botet

Madrid, July 2022. In line with its philosophy of innovation, constant improvement and exclusivity, DistrictHive has started the summer full of novelties. In the middle of the heat wave, guests of the podtel can now enjoy its new facilities: an infinity pool, an outdoor shower and a star gazing lounge with a pergola and two sun loungers to relax and watch the scenery by day and the stars by night.

“These improvements have been implemented while maintaining the maxim of our project: sustainability, respect for the environment, responsibility, design and exclusivity” says Priyesh Patel, CEO of DistrictHive. “Staying at the podtel, in the middle of such a magnificent desert as Gorafe, is in itself a unique experience for tourists looking for new experiences; and to do so now, being able to enjoy, in addition, a bath or shower outdoors while watching the beauty of the landscape is priceless. We believe that in this way we have increased, even more, the sensation that the guest will have of being truly surrounded, enveloped, by the environment and will undoubtedly be able to get lost and disconnect in it” he adds.

DistrictHive Incorporates A Swimming Pool, Outdoor Shower And Lounge By DistrictHive - Sheet5
©Gonzalo Botet

The new facilities have been carefully chosen under the same high standards of design and aesthetics that characterize the capsule hotel. Thus, the pool, shower and lounge area maintain the rectangular shape of the eco-hotel itself and its anthracite gray and black color scheme. All the elements have been installed in the rear area of the main module, facing the rugged and wild terrain of the desert, guided by a gravel path in the same color that connects and directs traffic through them.

DistrictHive Incorporates A Swimming Pool, Outdoor Shower And Lounge By DistrictHive - Sheet6
©Gonzalo Botet

DistrictHive is the first 100% self-sufficient and transportable module that can be deployed in any terrain, even where construction is not possible, and that aims to revolutionize the concept of luxury experiential tourism. The module, created by the Portugal-based company Districthive LDA and an international team of architects, interior designers and engineers, has been designed from a multidisciplinary perspective and understands tourism in a sustainable, ecological and responsible way. Nature is enhanced by accessing it without leaving a trace. The impact on the territory is null at an environmental level since no local resources are consumed. Once removed, the location would remain in the same state in which it was.

DistrictHive (www.districthive.com)  The world’s first truly autonomous podtel (capsule hotel). The podtel is self-sufficient, environmentally friendly, energy independent and is fully activated through its App “DISTRICTHIVE”, downloadable for Apple and Android. A concierge service is available 24/7 on the App to help guests with whatever they need. The App also has a neat information page for activities, restaurants and other recommendations. The podtel is fully equipped and has 35m2 of usable space, of which 30m2 are indoors. A sanctuary for travelers, social media fanatics, explorers and digital humans.

This capsule hotel is the first of the so-called Podtel Colony, a novel and innovative concept of high-end self-contained luxury accommodations that will be scattered in different parts of the world, all of them secluded and with the most spectacular views and surroundings. The goal is to provide guests with an unparalleled tourist experience for the enjoyment and delight of all the senses. Rentals at www.districthive.com, Booking and Airbnb.


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