A surfing wave pool of 26,000 m² and a line of sand of 1.5 km defines the landscape of Praia da Grama. The complex of leisure and sports inside the condominium ”Fazenda da Grama” is located in Itupeva-São Paulo.

Studio Name: Gui Mattos
Design Team: Beatriz Sinkivicio, Daniel Vannuchi, Fernando Kalili, Gui Mattos, José Rocha, Leandro Kimura,Marcos Ribeiro, Marcella Gerbasi, Riccardo Buso
Area: 3.678,85²
Year: 2021
Location: Itupeva, São Paulo – Brazil
Consultants: Alex Andre, Alwitra, Apoio Assessoria e Projeto de Fundações, Arruda Zeitunlian Arquitetos | Eduardo Scott Gastronomia Gestão e Consultoria, Aubicon Pisos e Mantas, Best Clima Engenheria e Instalações, COMARX, Cativa Iluminação, Crosslam Brasil, Dea Design, Deck Madeira, Di Marmore Indústria e Comércio, GRAPHISOFT, Jardim Paulista Paisagismo, Life Fitness, Maranatalum Esquadrias Metálicas, Metrea, Onlens Marcenaria Corporativa e Residencial, Planem Engenharia, SPP, Thecno Led, Vari Coberturas
Photography Credits: Maíra Acayaba

PRAIA DA GRAMA By Gui Mattos - Sheet4
©Maíra Acayaba

Based in the radial format of the pool, the project was developed and shaped around the fan. Its program contains a spa area, event room, restaurant and bar, surfing school, gym, pool and deck bar. Each one with their specific form, they all serve as an amphitheater and also a balcony for contemplation of the waves.

PRAIA DA GRAMA By Gui Mattos - Sheet6
©Maíra Acayaba

The entrance to the semicircular project is through its mediatrix, directing pedestrians to the event hall and social places or, if preferable, to the most peaceful zone of the spa block. Linked by the same architectural language, the different blocks have the same gable that serves as an element to separate the social areas from the technical sectors.

PRAIA DA GRAMA By Gui Mattos - Sheet8
©Maíra Acayaba

The seek of simplicity in the technical and aesthetic resolutions of the project was of big importance, which implied the use of few materials and consequent agility in the construction process. Concrete floor, cross laminated wood structure, metal structure, aluminum and glass fence mark the pavilions of Praia da Grama.


Gui Mattos, founder and creative manager of the architecture firm Gui Mattos, began his professional career on the coast of São Paulo, Brazil. Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of Santos and with practical experience at the construction site, the architect prints in his projects a propositional architecture that seeks to reinvent functional and expressive spaces through gestures, shapes and textures that promote experiences and integration of the landscape with building.

With more than 30 years of portfolio and currently with a team of more than 60 employees, the office located in São Paulo has a production focused on different scales, such as restaurants, stores, corporate and residential spaces.


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