Cabin A24 is the first in a series of prefabricated units that are manufactured off-site and designed to be assembled on-site within fourteen days. Though small, measuring only 225 square feet (20.9 square meters), the cabin fits all amenities that one needs to live off-grid, away from the metropolitan hubbub, as comfortably as possible.

Architect: Dev Desai Architects and Associates
Website :
Client: BettaLiving Resort
Site : Bettagere Estate, Coorg
Photographs: Kunal Daswani

Cabin A24 By Dev Desai Architects and Associates (DDAA) - Sheet2
©Kunal Daswani

Originally inspired by the search for a sustainable and sensitive solution to living among nature, which would respect the natural biodiversity of the land, Cabin A24 is the result of collaborations between the owners and developers, with the architects finally bringing the concept home. Nestled within five hundred acres of a coffee estate, the cabin is designed to express the zeitgeist of the current times through its contemporary take on a forest cabin, while allowing for its natural context to take centre stage in curating the spatial experience.

Cabin A24 By Dev Desai Architects and Associates (DDAA) - Sheet3
©Kunal Daswani

Every corner in the cabin strives to visually, if not spatially, connect with the surroundings, be it the bathroom—which comes furnished with all the modern amenities—the kitchenette, or the living space, which captures stunning views of the green valley through large, open façades. A sleek, contemporary form expresses a strong architectural identity that is complemented by refined interiors. The cabin is conceptualized as a system of fixed and flexible elements, with furniture, lighting, fixtures, and bathroom and material finishes customized to preference.

Cabin A24 By Dev Desai Architects and Associates (DDAA) - Sheet5
©Kunal Daswani

Project Motivation and Inspiration

I have always been a city dweller. This means, having become accustomed to the continual din of traffic and construction on the street; to the air-conditioned and sterile spaces that block off the world outside; and to the fast-paced life in the metropolis, where one rarely has the opportunity to sit still and reflect on grand notions like “existence” and “purpose.” I distinctly remember my first visit to a site in Bettagere Estate in Coorg, India, a few years ago for a project with an unusual brief: a space for solitude immersed in nature, yet equipped with all the modern amenities for a comfortable living experience. “Not the typical brief,” I thought, but as I walked through the area set in the mountain range of Suntikoopa, the brief’s requirements began to resonate and make complete sense.

©Kunal Daswani

My visit to that site was an experience so pure, that it would, in the days forward, have a profound impact on me, and, in the years to come, shape the direction the studio would take. The experience in the forest that day in Coorg was a temple of sensation that delighted the mind, body, and soul: the rustling of leaves in the cool winter breeze, the crackling of twigs under my feet, and the birds chirping high above me were scenes I would not soon forget. The sensation of the warm dappled light that speckled through the tree canopy offered relief from the cold and dew, as did the crisp air that filled my lungs—from the city’s heavy smoggy atmosphere that I’d come to accept as just another normal day. The odour from the wet earth and the aroma of the coffee beans from the distant roastery starting its day offered a stimulating blend, and the absence of car horns and the city’s incessant chatter harmonized a sort of poetic silence that places faith in one’s capacity to introspect and self-heal.



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