The intervention was conceived in terms of a unitary vision capable of at the same time enhancing the identity of the different spaces, for a welcoming, dynamic and stimulating environment with respect to the activities carried out in it, but at the same time appropriate to the function and the corporate identity privileging in this perspective criteria of innovation, efficiency, solidity and sobriety.

Project name: BCD HQ PACHINO
Studio Name: DRA&U
YEAR 2020
PROGRAM: Office, Multifunctional building
TYPE: Tender
LOCATION: Pachino, Syracuse, Sicily, Italy
BUILDING SIZE approx 2000 mq
PROJECT TEAM: Zemfira Mammadova, Eirini Dimou, Zamira Imeramzayeva, Annapina Di Filippo
COLLABORATORS: Eng. Francesco Squasi

6613-BCD HQ PACHINO by DRA&U Studio - Sheet2
©DRA&U Studio

It is proposed to develop an architecture in which the conditions of the internal work environment are optimized to ensure high parameters for well-being at work and a pronounced flexibility of the internal spaces to meet possible future distribution needs.

The apparent rigidity imposed by the base becomes dynamic sculpture above ground and then turns into suspended volume, taking on that unmistakable and unique iconic aspect.

6613-BCD HQ PACHINO by DRA&U Studio - Sheet5
©DRA&U Studio

The main entrance is located on the south-east front in correspondence with the rear area of the building. Excavated inside the monolith that supports the suspended volume, this space is positioned at the parking level, so as to facilitate access even for people with disabilities.

Of great architectural importance is the square built at the entrance level from which you can enjoy a different view of the sea. A metaphysical space characterized by sloping floors that make this place unique to walk or sit on the half-moon shaped sculpture bench. A flat path at the end of the square guarantees a safe and protected walkway.

©DRA&U Studio

The green design will be conceived in a way to accommodate the local climate, limiting the necessary irrigation systems to specific areas where vegetation will be more characterized. Most of the tree and shrub species will be selected from the autochthonous ones, typical of the landscape and the Roman countryside, selecting those with characteristics of limited maintenance needs, reduced phytopathological problems and low risks related to phytostatic safety, in consideration of the conditions close to infrastructures roads.

The green will have the task of mystifying the external amphitheater for 400 people. A structure that we thought to build adjacent to the new headquarters. A structure organized with steps made of concrete and green spaces, this structure develops along the natural slope becoming the extension of the building itself.

Studio profile:

The studio started in 2009 as a local Italian Architecture studio, today counting with operational offices in Rome and London. Throughout the years DRA&U has designed prestigious figures and volumes in Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East and the Americas. Developing for both the public sector and elite private clients, it has led medium to large-scale projects principally in the residential and commercial sectors, while also developing unique projects for hotels, museums, urban requalification, exhibitions, interior design, product design, and VR/AR (Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality).

DRA&U’s investment strategies have forged a strong business segment accompanied by its graceful and internationally recognised design features.

DRA&U operates currently in a dozen countries that span between Europe, North Africa, Asia and South America.

DRA&U partners
Giorgio Pini – Principal Architect and Founder
Jonathan Arbib – Partner and Director


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