The project arises as a request for the conception of a gourmet restaurant. To the program initially proposed, was added a guesthouse, private and as a complement to the restaurant. More than an isolated building in the territory, De Lemos should relate to wine productionand represent an integrated investment in a global brand strategy. For this reason, it has always been thought of as a flexible body that could grow at any time to respond to new and different brand demands.

project name: De Lemos
client: Celso de Lemos Esteves
project: 2007
construction: 2012
location: Passos do Silgueiros | 3500-541 – Viseu – Portugal
Latitude: 40º 34’ 40.8504” N
Longitude: 7º 58’ 51.963” W
construction area: 1.405 m2
site area: 152.112 m2
architecture: Carvalho Araújo, Arquitectura e Design
landscape: JBJC – João Bicho e Joana Carneiro, Arquitectura Paisagista
interior architecture: Nini Andrade Silva
Engineering, management and supervision: Eng.º Carlos Pires
contractor: Eduardo Oliveira Irmãos, Lda
photographer: ©NUDO

 De Lemos By Carvalho Araújo - Sheet6

The building’s design was developed from the topographic curves of the site, as a reference to the characteristic platforms from the wine’s production, especially in the regions of Douro and Dão.

 De Lemos By Carvalho Araújo - Sheet9

The new building has defined an extensive path that represents the dimension of the terrain where it is located and as a result of the topography. The building’s orientation and program were defined from the main views of the vineyards and the natural light.


The point where the building is located creates a tension between the preexisting building and the new construction, forcing the creation of a connecting path. The location of the new constructions is only the continuity of that path; a drawing over the landscape, a constructed path leaning towards the beauty of the linear rhythm of the vineyards.


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