Situated in the industrial area on the outskirts of Ahmedabad, (India) this corporate office is located adjoining one of its manufacturing shed. Taking into consideration the poor air quality of this area, the architecture of this building had an important role to play in providing its occupant a better work environment.

Krossmark Corporate Headquarters
Location: Ahmedabad
Area:  14500 sq.ft.
Status: Completed 2019
Scope: Architecture, Interior design and landscape design

The indoor air quality has to be improved to provide an efficient work environment along with natural light and good ventilation.

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Concept Note:

Since, this corporate headquarters is the administrative building of the manufacturers of textile printing machinery; the folds and waves of a fabric surface became the main inspiration.The properties of a fabric fluttering in clean air became the centre of the study and subsequently the roof of this building is designed to imitate it. A system of concrete shells was used to achieve this idea. These concrete shells were placed strategically to allow for height differences which created an interesting play of volume in the interior. Moreover it also created nooks in the roof to permit natural light inside.

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Design Process:

The connection of the roof to the interior is a very interesting one. The concrete shells make up the frontside of the roof, whereas the backside is flat. Taking inspiration from a fabric, another property of a fabric which is its perforations was also incorporated in the roof. These perforation are made into courtyards in plan and they allow natural light and ventilation to the inside.

The perforations in plan make up the big and small courtyards and skylights. These courtyards serve as a source of daylight, creating a vibrant work environment. Since this office functions mostly during the daytime, these courtyards provide abundant light making sure that no additional artificial light is required during the working hours.

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Moreover these courtyards are landscaped with several indoor variety plants like the money plant, snake plant and areca palms. All of these species play an important role in improving the indoor air quality. Bearing in mind the poor air quality of this area, these indoor plants create a conducive work environment by enriching the air with more oxygen.

The interior design consists of a brightly colored palette paired with a variety of plants, resulting in a very vibrant work environment. The double height reception area has a colorful welcoming back drop with lights in it. The cabin areas of the principals have a more subtle palette have a framed view of the manufacturing area behind.

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The partition separating each of these cabins have sleek shelves with live plants, that purify the air inside the cabins. The corridors are lined with motivational quotes and lit with the natural light from the courtyards. The general staff areas on the upper floor have a playful volume since it is located right under the curves of the concrete roof. The voids in between these curves provide space for natural light to flow in. Hence the overall interior is a combination of abundant natural light, fresh green plants and a bright colorful palette.


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