Little Affair Resort is a retreat situated amidst the wild jungle and hills of Sariska ( Distt. Alwar, Rajasthan). The property comprises of an indoor fine dining restaurant, a recreational room, swimming pool, cottages (private villa accommodations), rooftop, admin area, huge driveway to welcome guests and much more. The resort has some of the salient/iconic features listed below

Studio Name: Ar. Gaurav M Mathur
Design Team: Ar Gaurav M Mathur (Architecture team)
Area              :  10,000 sq.ft.( Approx.)
Year              : 2021
Location       : Sariska, Alwar, Rajasthan
Photography Credits: Ar. Gaurav Mathur
Other Credits: Mrs. Teena Mathur

1. Restaurant

Beautiful restaurant having 3 doors opening towards the hill, having view through courtyard and swimming pool. Corridor outside the restaurant is wide enough to accommodate guest there.

Interiors of restaurant have been made in proper jungle lounge with rustic finish. Design team of GM Architects was very dedicated to give it a look and feel of a lounge be fitting forest environment.


Walls are made of stones and are load bearing. Flooring is made of natural stones having traditional patterns complementing to the furniture of natural wood with cane.

Little Affair Resort - Sariska, Alwar By GM architects - Sheet2
©Ar. Gaurav Mathur

2. Courtyard

Courtyard with perfect placement and dimensions visible from restaurant, recreational room, open bar and pool area is the heart of the property. Central part of courtyard is further beautified by fountain surrounded by metal chairs and stone table tops perfectly matching with traditional architectural style of the structure lights on pillars of arches enhance the beauty and aesthetics of the resort and gives authentic look and feel of space.  

3. Cottages

Views from the pathway- open showers have a circular form and tapering circular edge giving beautiful look to the cottage. This circular part breaks the monotony of the straight line and adds a valuable character to the Architectural design of the property. Some parts of the cottage are in exposed stone masonry where as some parts have plastered wall having perfect blend of the two materials to give it a pleasant and aesthetic look so that property responds and corresponds to the surrounding contextually.

4. Washroom

Open- to -sky washrooms have been designed with open shower, which allows a lot of natural light inside. Lower part of the wall is built with natural stones upto3’-6” level. Closed shower area has bidasar stone on the walls upto 7’0” height to cover the walls. Open shower has been kept very rustic walls are exposed in natural stone masonry (with painting) and the diverter is fixed on vertical stone slab.

Little Affair Resort - Sariska, Alwar By GM architects - Sheet4
©Ar. Gaurav Mathur

5. Room Interiors

Large window has been provided in front of the bed which gives view of the hill in front. Just adjoining the window a good and comfortable sitting space has been provided which can be used to relax and to have exotic view of hills and surrounding forest. Living room adjacent to the bedroom  has a slider opening towards the hill allowing good light and ventilation in the room.

6. Recreational Room

Team of GM Architects has developed this area considering view and comfort of the user. This has got 3 opening towards the courtyard giving large view to the property through the arches of the doors. This room has billiards table as well as comfortable sitting for rejuvenation as well as relaxing and reading books. Tree trunks on either sides are inspired by jungle theme and adds to the aesthetic value of the property.

Little Affair Resort - Sariska, Alwar By GM architects - Sheet5
©Ar. Gaurav Mathur

7. View from Pool Area

Perspective from pool area looks beautiful as this view covers almost all the features and characters of the structure. Courtyard on ground floor having corridor with arches and roof top sitting over the top with arches and rooftop sitting over the top with a background of clear sky. Exposed stone construction enhances the beauty of the property and design team of GM Architects, Jaipur was very particular for lighting effect as well as the effects if it is creating in and around the property.

8. Vernacular Outdoor Sitting

Circular sitting next to the pool has been created at the corner exclusively for an experience which one can have under a thatch  roof. Gaddis (cushions) have been  placed all over for guest to spend leisure time here even in the evening or one can be served exclusive dinner for exclusive experience. This point gives view of pool, admin block as well as cottages on the other side and yet fells as if we are on the foot hills of Himalayas.

Little Affair Resort - Sariska, Alwar By GM architects - Sheet7
©Ar. Gaurav Mathur

9.  Rooftop

Rooftop sitting has been created to facilitate guest and to give them experience and feel of proper jungle environment as there is a clear hill line on one side. Other side has a water body and when we look inside the property all cottages are visible along with beautiful view of the property.

10. Pathway

Straight linear pathway connecting all the rooms having stone finish in red sandstone with grooves in between. Pathway amalgamates very well with surroundings as well as with context. Light effect on the pathway further enhances the aesthetic value of passage and looks more linear which creates interest while walking over it. As one walks on the pathway the circular part of the cottage( open shower) looks very interesting as curve keeps on changing visually as we walk on pathway.

Studio Profile

GM Architects is a well established firm based in Jaipur. It firmly believes in the teamwork and is able to offer unique services which are seamless integration of various disciplines. It offers consultancy in the field of Architecture, Interior design, Landscape and Heritage & Conservation.

They have many publications at national as well as international level and some of their projects have been documented by prestigious channels.

GM Architects is committed to developing unique architectural designs that communicate a clear purpose and meaning to its observer. All their projects are initiated with absolute consideration of client’s version. They pride themselves in engaging each client as a participant in the design process. They listen, probe and analyze to ensure that each project as unique.


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