This project aims to respond to the long-term environmental scenario of flooding by creating active spaces for cultural activities to thrive and in the short term by creating a responsive landscape to bring awareness of the catastrophic consequences that we as humans seemed to have caused.

Studio Name: Marinos Mavrogenis
Design Team: Academic Project
Area:  1200 m sq
Year: 2020
Location:  Brighton, Uk
Consultants: Student Project

Restless Landscape By Marinos Mavrogenis - Sheet3
©Marinos Mavrogenis

The proposed landscape allows rainwater to flood in and around the pavilions.
The buildings will decay and deform as an attempt to portray the effect of high raising water levels on society while adapting to the different depths of the new landscape.

Restless Landscape By Marinos Mavrogenis - Sheet4
©Marinos Mavrogenis

Salt gradients are used to define most of the boundaries between land and water. Salt can act as both visual and mechanical metaphor of one’s existence or of a place.

©Marinos Mavrogenis

The structural representation of salt along with the shallow ponds will allow the skin to erode in them as a metaphorical representation of the transformation that our environment is facing and the rediscovery of its identity.


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