P+R Architects (Perkowitz and Ruth), now, known as Retail Design Collaborative, is an acclaimed award winning firm headquartered in Long Beach, California, United States of America. It was founded in the year 1979. With more than 40 years of experience and excellence in the field of Retail and hospitality architecture, they have expanded to over 5 offices in Los Angeles, Washington DC, Arkansas and Shanghai, China.

The firm strongly follows the principle of ‘Comprehensive approach’ towards designing spaces. Designing potential, social spaces for people.

P+R Architects (RDC), has designed and completed projects, enveloping varied scales, right from small scale planning to large scale master plans and also everything in between.

They have been presented with glorious awards, namely, The Gold Nugget Award for best rehabilitation, commercial/ Industrial project.

ICSC Design development gold awards.
LA Business Council award winner- Renovated buildings , etc.
Projects by P+R Architects.

1. Bridgeport village

Bridgeport village is one of the retail, commercial project by the firm. It is a lifestyle centre located in Tualatin and Tigard, Oregon, Unites states, one of the most affluent areas, and is operated by CenterCal Properties. It was opened on 19th May, 2005.

It spreads over a total area ranging from 500,000 sq. ft- 1000,000 sq. ft.

The site was formerly an abandoned rock quarry, which was then developed into a gathering and socializing space for residents and adjacent communities. Bridgeport fuses retail, entertainment, commercial and hospitality together in one site. Varied materials like brick and concrete paving and glorious facades makes it an ideal space for community gathering, glorifying the area around. It has a water and fire fountain in the centre along with a gazebo where events are being hosted throughout the year. It’s a two storey structure and is designed to maintain the suburban context, with perfect balance of aesthetics and function.

This is an award winning design by the architects. In 2006, Bridgeport was presented with the International Council of Shopping Centres Design and Development Award.

2. Yellow River Delta International project.

Yellow river Delta International Plaza is a commercial facility. It is  located at the mouth of the Yellow River in Dongying City, China. The prominent aesthetic feature of the structure includes, the contours. Contours on site are reflected in the planning as well as the elevational façade. Vast set-backs has enabled for generous landscaping and public spaces. A 7,200 sq. meter landscape setting following the shape of the contours is developed, which serves the purpose of central feature and defining the structure. This setting also connects to the plaza drop off. It’s a multi-use 45 storey tower building, with the first three storey being allotted to shops, restaurants and lobby functions. The structure is linked through a glass roof covering the path which incorporates the shops and cafes along with it. Its glamourous existence from inside and outside makes it a retreat for the city dwellers.

3. Pacific Theatres Glendale 18 at The Americana at Brand

Pacific Theatres Glendale 18, is a 68,000 sq. ft space, which includes 18 screens and luxury stadium seating. The objective and approach of the design was to stay true to maintain the timeless essence of the community space, and Brand’s pledge to create the community space with a sense of history. The theatre, brings out the nostalgia of the grand movie palaces. It encapsulates the history and ceaselessness, magnificently, with its varied and distinct use of materials. This project was awarded the prestigious ICSC Design and Development Award of Merit, Retail Store Design, in 2010. It is also the proud recipient of the Gold Nugget Award of Merit for the Outstanding Retail Project.

4. Waterside Marina del Rey

‘Style by the sea- as described by the architects, Waterside Marina del ray, a retail centre revolutionized by its cosmopolitan design as a seaside resort of Marina del ray. One can observe Mediterranean themed architecture, with luscious landscaping. Terracotta walkways and fountain centrepiece creates an exquisite vision. It complements the surrounding urban fabric harmoniously.

This project was awarded the Superior Achievement in Design and Imaging Honourable Mention Winner, New or Renovated Community/Power centre Award in 2007.

5. Hangzhou Urban rooftop

A rooftop metropolis-Hangzhou Urban rooftop, defines the city of Hangzhou also known as China’s Silicon Valley, by harmoniously fusing the urban design elements with contemporary technology. Designed with respect to the Hangzhou’s 30 year revitalization Master plan, this structure organises the 29,000 sq. meters of 5 star boutique hotel, cinema, art gallery, bars cafes, etc. A central landscape element, the green plaza acts as a focal point to the surrounding glass pavilion buildings. Urban materials like steel and concrete compliments the wood rich plaza. Planters and gardens creates appealing impact. The series of glass pavilions enables to an unending dazzling view of the city. The cantilever bridges reflects the combination of bold and subtle design elements.

6. The artist tree- Creative Cannabis Retail.

It is located in West Hollywood, California. The design approach of the architects while designing while designing Artist Tree was to create a holistic design which can be used as a protype for the company’s existing and future location. What makes the concept and design of the Artist tree unique, is the art-forward approach of the designers, which explores the relationship between creativity and cannabis.

At Artist Tree, the objective was to support the artist community, along with the cannabis product display. This, is brilliantly achieved by designing a cannabis product display in the context of a curated gallery space, which in turn displays the original artworks from the local artists. The cannabis inspired artwork are deliberately paired with the product achieving ingenious marketing strategy.

The inspiration for the design was not only taken from the art oriented approach but also the cannabis growing process. The ‘Cultivation Cube’-is one of the inventive design element, it is a centrally located jewel box displaying young plants, also serving the purpose of the backdrop for the store’s entrance. Sustainability is focused on by using natural materials, like various wood species, to achieve the subtleness in the structure.

7. Apollo Landing

Apollo landing is a retail space, located in El Segundo’s , California USA. The space is named for the city’s long history of aerospace research, including the Apollo project. Apollo landing, makes its playful presence felt on the otherwise fast paced street of 405 freeway to Manhattan Beach. Varied building masses and outdoor urban garden patios are to be seen. To achieve the dynamic variation, the structure is a single storey building with a double height mezzanine space. Three predominant building masses three different styles are used for the façade.

First building is defined by a louvered Brise soleil element, inculcating the outdoor patios.

Second building is anchored with different patterns of CNC routed fibre cement panels composed on triangular modules introducing visual and graphic movements.

Third building is a cubicle shaped structure, with glazing and stainless steel layering.

Patios and palm trees creates a natural canopy.

8. The Edwin hotel

The Edwin hotel located in Chattanooga, Tennessee has been ranked number ten best hotel in the continental United States by Travel+Leisure’s prestigious world’s best list.

It consists of 90 luxurious rooms guestrooms. It defines the southern hospitality values by combining warm and traditional themes with contemporary aesthetics. It is based amidst Chattanooga’s vibrant landscape. A perfect blend of modern accents, bold fabrics, mid century lighting and sculptures is been observed. The entrance lobby is traditionally designed in combination with pops of bright colours and artwork.

9. Hotel RL

Hotel RL is located in Baltimore , Maryland. The main objective behind this design was to create a fresh lifestyle brand. Design elements like “Steps” and “The Living Stage” are created to support engagement of local community, hosting events that encourage progressive thoughts. The site is centrally located surrounded by urban areas and serve as an ideal area for leisure and relaxation and coworking millennial travellers.

10. The district on the bloc

Located in Los Angeles, California, this hospitality project reflects the downtown LA redevelopment projects, which also served as an inspiration for the same. One can observe series of deconstructed materials, repurposed plumbing, mechanical and construction elements. The interior is washed in natural walnut, adding quirk to the room are the modern pop light fixtures, which gives the restaurant an attractive yet traditional vibe. This restaurant was awarded the Gold key Award for best restaurant Casual Dining in 2016.

11. The whiskey thief

The whiskey thief is located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. It is blessed with a magnificent location with view of the Walnut street bridge, Tennessee River and the Appalachian mountains.

It is named after a tool used to taste whiskey directly from the barrel. The design concept was to focus on materials and settings with variety of whiskey colours in subtle combination of a bar and restaurant. The objective was to enhance the tasting experience whilst enjoying the brilliant view,

12. Hatch

Hatch Yakitori is located in downtown Los Angeles. It’s a modern izakaya (Japanese bar), with a raw bar that produces “Japanese tapas”. The design concept is inspired by the culinary concept of “Social Street food “and fine dining.

The dining rooms are designed so that each zone offers a unique perspective of the yakitori chef.

The interiors are a exquisite combination of traditional Japanese bamboo designs and bold strips pf black and white.

13. Equinox Culver city.

With the total area of 30,490 Sq. ft Equinox is an eight storey luxury fitness club. It formerly served as the headquarters of Sony Pictures. Site’s location and the concept of ‘iconic portals’ was the main inspiration behind the design.

The iconic portals are the three street frontages namely street, urban café and main entry, each with distinct urban characteristics.

It was awarded the AIA Long Beach/ South Bay Citation Award- Building Detail in 2019 and Architecture, Construction & Design Awards- Commercial Interior.

 14. WISEplace community room

Located in Santa Ana, California. WISEplace is a non-profit organization  working for more than 95 years to empower women in their transitional phase from homelessness and hopelessness to self- reliance. P+R Architects (RDC) partnered with CDG builders to execute the design for WISEplace. The main objective was “Turning space into Place”. This objective was achieved in the design as it functions as a community haven for the women and create event venue for the surrounding community further encouraging funding for the non-profit.

This project received the FRAME Design Awards Honouree – Social Award in 2019

15. Miami brewery

Located in beautiful Miami, Miami brewery is an upcoming project of P+R Architects (RDC).

The design elements are inspired by Cuban architecture which celebrates the art and passion for beer and embraces diversity. Locally available materials are been used to create a vernacular yet bold look. Local art will serve as a backdrop. Over scaling of design elements can be observed including oversized windows and shutters.



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