They have mastered the art of designing in planning projects of various sectors such as hospitality, residential, cultural, retail, commercial, and education and transport sectors. Working on large scale projects includes focusing on context, both physical and social and the connections between the new and existing urban fabric. Since its inception in 2010, 10 DESIGN has won over 70 international awards and major design competitions and has been ranked in the World Architecture Top 100 Architects since 2012. Their most successful ideas are developed in concert with artists, manufacturers, and universities. Collaboration and the sharing of ideas are the key foundation of the group. The results of 10’s collaborative, multi-disciplinary environmental research are incorporated directly into projects.

Some of the projects are listed down below designed by the creative minds of the 10 DESIGN across the world.

1. Narra Residences

10 DESIGN is the Lead Design Architect of Narra Residences. This landmark residential development presents a unique lifestyle based living environment woven along the Saigon River.  Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam’s preeminent urban metropolis is experiencing extraordinary urban growth which comes with the inevitable challenge of creating inviting environs with the ever-growing density. With land at a premium, going vertical becomes an opportunity. Situated in the heart of Thu Thiem New Urban Area – a future CBD in Ho Chi Minh City, Narra Residences comprises 278 apartments within the twin-tower development. This vertical community proves to be a unique presence along the skyline of the new Empire City.

2. Zhuhai International Convention Centre Phase 1

On 30th October 2014, the Zhuhai Municipal Government officiated the grand opening of the new Zhuhai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, which is the first phase of the Shizimen Central Business District in China. Gordon Affleck was responsible for the original concept and led the design team. During the construction stage, Shizimen continued to seek professional design guidance from the original concept team on design issues including the auditorium elevation, Sheraton hotel roof, canopy interface details between the ribbon and exhibition center to name a few. The overall development comprises 640,000 sq m of accommodation. The first phase incorporates 362,000 sq m of the convention, theatre, music hall, exhibition, and banquet facilities. These public and civic functions are supported with retail, F&B, serviced apartments, a 548-key Sheraton Hotel opening on 28th October 2015, and a 330 m high tower which accommodates grade A office spaces together.

3. Greatwall Complex

Greatwall Complex is a project by 10 Design covering a site area of 22,000 sq m and this design has won recognition through many awards such as  MIPIM Asia Awards for Best Innovative Green Building- Silver Trophy, Cityscape awards, A&D Trophy Awards – Certificate of Excellence in 2016 and further won 2017 WAN Awards for all Building Awards, LEED Platinum Core and Shell in 2018, CTBUH Awards for Excellence in 2018.

Greatwall Complex is located in the District of Wuchang in Wuhan adjacent to a central communication spine within this eastern district. IO has worked closely with the client and the Local Government to create sustainable commercial development. Due to the ongoing retail focused development in Wuchang district, the Government required the client to consider the relationship of the lower podium with the surrounding city context, provide a positive addition to the streetscape, engage with the existing urban realm, and create new public space.

4. Ashjar At Al Barari

The project catered to areas of architecture, master planning, landscape and sustainability and being recognized at CGI Awards in 2014 and Cityscape Awards for Residential Future Project.

IO has been commissioned as Lead Design Architect for the Ashjar development with Al Barari’s aim to cultivate a unique vision of high-end living in harmony with the natural environment, providing lush green environs to its residents. Ashjar is located 10 minutes from the Burj Khalifa. The development comprises 300 high end 1,2, and 3bedroom apartments set within 21 individual low rise buildings each carefully woven into a lush forest landscape. Small clusters of these low rise buildings create intimate and private communities at one with nature.

5. Seventh Heaven At Al Barari

Seventh Heaven is a high-end residential development in Dubai forming a 50 hectares master plan also conceived by IO.  The project and site will encapsulate the vision of client Al Barari to create a unique community set within a truly unique natural environment unparalleled in the region for its diversity of planting and landscaping. The project comprises 100,000 sq m of residential, amenity, retail and will act as a catalyst for the development of the wider site. The project was completed by the end of 2017.

6. Saadiyat Island Cultural District Residential Development

Strategically positioned among the three world-class museums – Zayed National Museum, Louvre Abu Dhabi, and Guggenheim Abu Dhabi – this residential development surrounds a 17 hectares retail complex.  Each residential building is imagined to be uniquely positioned, providing frontage to the retail complex as well as facing two of the three iconic museums.  The neighborhood will present an unparalleled retail and lifestyle experience through its luxury brands, family-oriented leisure, and entertainment facilities, and luxurious residential and hotel developments.IO is the Design Architect responsible for these residential buildings from Concept Design through to Tender Documentation.

7. Fushan Community Hub

The design by 10 Design is categorized for the public sector comprising a primary school, Kindergarten, Community Centre, Transportation Hub covering an area of 78,875 sq m. It has bagged the position of winning category under international design competitions.

The masterplan is composed of four distinct sites, housing a kindergarten, a primary school, a community center, and a transportation hub. Each of the sites has its own internal courtyard inspired by the Lingnan Garden style. The gardens provide both safety and security and also allow users to enjoy outdoor living. The courtyards are all oriented to maximize light and natural ventilation. The Kindergarten is the seed, the primary school is the flowering plant and the cultural Centre is representational of harvest/cultivation.

8. Gongbei Port Inspection Office Building

Gongbei port designed by 10 Design in china is a mixed-use building built over a site area of 8000 sq m.

The building is designed as an iconic landmark that marks the whole area with its powerful presence. Inspired by a traditional Chinese lantern, the design emphasizes the contrast the building makes against the grey and hard surroundings with its cheerful and lively glow. This contrasting effect will make the building stand strong among its surroundings. A semi-transparent outer skin formed by a perforated metal pattern creates the main building’s expression and also forms a nice semi-interior space caused by the play between interior and exterior spaces. Starting at an inner garden on the ground level, commercial area crawls upwards to the perforated metal shell, overlapping with each other creating balconies and accessible landscape on different levels of the building. The office area is located on the south side of the building, facilitating a direct connection from the immigration tower and also the immigration area near the border.

9. Badshahpur IT Park

The Badshahpur IT Park is a campus of ten buildings, set across a sinuous series of adjacent plots of varied ownership.  The challenge for 10 Design was to create a common identity across the site, a hierarchy of amenity spaces, and a strategy for future expansion (or contraction) of the campus.  The ambition behind the design was to create a vibrant and inclusive work environment that meets the expectations of today’s IT graduate candidate/employee, and the employers that seek to attract the same talent.

10. Bay Valley Science And Technology Park

The Bay Valley Science and Technology Park is a 400,000 sq m office development in New Jiangwan, Shanghai. It is one of IO’s first major significant projects completed in the summer of 2014. The project is comprised of low and mid-rise corporate headquarter office buildings designed for city and regional enterprises. The project contains 22 office buildings ranging in height from 40 meters tall to 80 meters tall. IO worked closely with Shanghai Chengtou Holding throughout the design and construction process to help deliver a financially successful and highest quality business park development.

11. Al Mashtal

This project is a new mixed-use development in the heart of downtown Abu Dhabi offering a vibrant new quarter for the city. The proposed site area covers 13.8 ha with the first phase component accommodated within 8.4 ha of site. Phase 01 of the development comprises approx. 130,000 sq m GFA of F&B/ retail, residential, office, hotel, and serviced apartments. The City Gardens will be home to a new residential community of over 760 units comprising studio/1bed/2bed and 3 bedrooms living accommodation. In addition, the site will accommodate a new hotel (190 keys), service apartments (60 units) and an office building. The public realm designed as a series of interconnected garden spaces will unify the development and provide unique and vibrant spaces activated by retail providing much needed open space for the area.

12. Huafa International Seafront Garden

Huafa International Seafront Garden provides 376,000 sq m of mixed-use accommodation, spanning across 3 sites and stretching 600m along Nanwan Road – one of the major boulevards leading to the upcoming Hongkong-ZhuhaiMacau Bridge. When complete in 2022, International Seafront Garden will provide one of the longest and most vibrant retail main streets in Zhuhai. Huafa Group’s vision for International Seafront Garden is to forge a vibrant urban community by forming a connective tissue between the development and the client’s adjacent properties, also designed by 10 DESIGN. The design concept for the development is influenced by the adjacent Zhuhai International CEC. The large scale urban design concept moves from the rippling ocean to its undulating interpretation for the convention center, and ultimately to the light floating forms of the development.

13. Zhongxun Times

On the banks of the Yangtze River, this mixed-use office and retail development sits centrally within the new Danzishi Central Business District in Chongqing. The brief was to create an interactive retail environment that would interact and reflect with the rich topography that Chongqing is renowned for. The site sets many challenges with a level difference of some 10m across such a narrow site and has to cater for multiple level pedestrian access points from elevated walkways interconnecting with adjacent developments and the Light Rail Station.

14. Haisco Headquarters Development

The project is located at the high-tech zone in Chengdu, with HeYin Avenue to the north and GuiHua Road to the other three sides of the site. The project has a site area of 30,036 sq m with a total GFA of 60,000 sq m, comprises retail, office and a headquarters building. Designed with the aim to cross-weave communal spaces with the architectural buildings, a hierarchy of differing external spaces will be offered, such as a central promenade, series of garden terraces and intimate shaded streets, promoting the outdoor experiences of Chengdu.

15. Mavisehir Residential Development

This unique residential project sits in southern Turkey adjacent to the Aegean Sea. The brief was to create a new residential destination that celebrates “Mediterranean living” by maximizing usable outdoor space through balconies, terraces, gardens, parks, and plazas. It is orientated to allow maximum south light into the scheme and creates a series of external rooms linked by an informal route with an outdoor pool and recreation area at each end.


Jinal Shah is currently in her Fourth year of Bachelor’s in Interior Design at Cept University, India. She is presently pursuing her internship at BAMO Inc in San Francisco, USA. Being an avid traveler and curious explorer, her understanding for global design evolved as she spent one semester abroad studying as an exchange student at DAAP, University of Cincinnati, United States, attended design workshops around the world. She has always found herself on the Interior Architecture threshold, exploring volumes and connectivity, throughout all her academic projects.Jinal is an active (old school) learner and a firm believer that design is a deep blue sea and each one of us is merely sailing to find that just perfect dimension of a handrail. Details and minimalism appeal her along the path to function and simplicity in design.