Here are some of the creative small coffee shop design ideas:

Big Small Coffee + B&B by Office AIO | Small coffee shop

15 Creative small coffee shop design Ideas - Sheet12
Interior view of the bar _©
15 Creative small coffee shop design Ideas - Sheet13
Store front_ ©
15 Creative small coffee shop design Ideas - Sheet14
Guest room and b&b _©

Office AIO converts small Hutong premises into a sophisticated coffee shop and B&B. The project, which is a derivative of Adaptive Reuse, is nestled within Xiang’er Hutong in central Beijing and consists of two parts: a coffee bar and a guest room joined by a courtyard shared with an elderly neighbor. The coffee shop’s owners aimed to deliver serious artesian coffee to its clients in a tiny location, focusing on just a decent cup of coffee. As a result, the brand “Big Little Coffee” – small in size but big in intention – was born.

The spatial function is primarily divided into two parts. Customers and baristas each have their own side of the bar. This spatial divide is visually conveyed by a sharp shift in substance. Due to space limits, product display and storage are restricted.

12,000 pink-painted wooden sticks by Ideo arquitectura 

15 Creative small coffee shop design Ideas - Sheet6
Interior view with magenta sticks against the brick wall_ ©
15 Creative small coffee shop design Ideas - Sheet7
Interior view with magenta sticks against the brick wall_ ©

The building is situated in Alcala de Henares’ historic district. The bakery is located on the first floor of an intriguing old structure. The team chose to keep the old brick walls after the interior walls were taken down and cleaned up because they alone provide the area with the required personality. Additionally, the customer insisted on using one hue, magenta, to set the cafe apart from others.

More than 12,000 wooden sticks were used in an artistic installation that was intended to stand out against the 150-year-old brick walls and catch everyone’s attention.

Dallah / Associated Architects Partnership | Small coffee shop

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Store front at Dallah and  Interior view with functional side walls _©
15 Creative small coffee shop design Ideas - Sheet9
Store front @Dallah and  Interior view with functional side walls_ @ Dallah ©

A traditional coffee pot called a “dallah” is used to prepare and serve “qahwat dallah,” an Arabic coffee that is only popular in the Gulf or on the Arabian Peninsula.To create a space that felt warm and welcome, serene yet lively, the architects and brand developers worked together to reflect the traditions inherent in the form and act of serving the dallah.

The display layout, the floating canopy, and the functional sidewalls are the three key design components that determine how the shop’s interior spaces are organized and, consequently, how customers are welcomed. The three components each offer a special homage to the dallah’s customs.

Caffe del Popolo by Rare Studio Experimental 

15 Creative small coffee shop design Ideas - Sheet1
Urban Prothesis and the street_ ©
15 Creative small coffee shop design Ideas - Sheet2
Urban Prothesis and the street_ ©
15 Creative small coffee shop design Ideas - Sheet3
View of store front_ ©

Caffe del Popolo is one of those urban experiments that take place in areas that are frequently viewed as useless or out-of-date. The Nueva Córdoba neighborhood’s triangular space between two apartment towers served as the site for the project. The initial investigation into the design of this enclosure, which was initially imagined as an object capable of fitting into the vacuum, as an “urban prosthesis,” was motivated by a perception of construction by its setting.

The concept of compression was imposed on the various investigations conducted throughout the process by the insertion of such a little space surrounded by such enormous buildings. 

% Arabica Coffee by Archiee | Small coffee shop

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Shelving units and ledge with white interiors_ ©
15 Creative small coffee shop design Ideas - Sheet5
Plan of %Arabica _©

% Arabica is a Japanese coffee shop brand located on the courtyards of a shopping center in China. The brand is renowned for its white minimalist design stores providing high-quality coffee. During the design development stages, ARCHIEE which is a Paris-based firm had to look into three major aspects of how to unite the Chinese landscapes, Japanese-derived structures, and French cafe culture. It was a challenge to create a space that would enrich the experience at the store. 

The architectural layout displays a horizontal composition with an implied mirror reflection between the upper and lower segment. This reflection is a modern take on traditional Chinese landscapes where buildings are reflected in the water. People can have tea or coffee in Chengdu while gazing at the Anshun Bridge and its reflection in the Jin River.  

Fumi / Alberto Caiola 

15 Creative small coffee shop design Ideas - Sheet10
Store front_ @Fumi ©
15 Creative small coffee shop design Ideas - Sheet11
Store front @Fumi ©

The eye-catching structure serves as both a canopy and a platform for baristas to display their skills, gently sloping away from the counter. Rich and deep in hue, the ceiling’s “fumes” wind up and beyond the venue’s glass façade, evoking the depths of the drink itself. The design offers a partially covered area for lovely outdoor seating in warmer weather and gives the entire area a sense of movement.   

Various-sized versions of the renowned Moka coffee pots are arranged in an eye-catching wall installation. The building’s shikumen bricks, a historic, turn-of-the-century dwelling type common to Shanghai, are exposed by sleek, modern components juxtaposed against naked walls. For a comfortable visitor experience, they are painted white to best reflect natural light and pair with the space’s bi-folding window.

Option Coffee Bar by Touch Architect

15 Creative small coffee shop design Ideas - Sheet15
Store front and Interior view of counter @Option coffee bar_ ©
15 Creative small coffee shop design Ideas - Sheet16
Store front and Interior view of counter @Option coffee bar_ ©
15 Creative small coffee shop design Ideas - Sheet17
View from the seating @Option coffee bar_ ©

Option Coffee Bar is located in the heart of Udonthani, Thailand. There are three basic purposes: café, restaurant, and bar, all in one space with time-sharing functions; café / bakery and healthy cuisine restaurant in the morning, and craft-beer bar in the evening. Because this café is a time-sharing facility, the massing, and zoning design was built to accommodate these two opposing roles. There are two floors: the first with a café and counter bar, and the mezzanine floor, which may be used to organize a temporary event or an art display.

A simple white box was made to contrast with the backdrop while also concentrating on the art pieces inside. This white box’s main plain is linked by two sorts of voids: ‘transparent’ and ‘translucent.’ The translucent front facade enables natural sunshine from outside to enter as a café during the day and generates a coloring effect with multi-color lights from inside as a bar at night.

Fikafabriken Shopping Street | Small coffee shop 

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Store front _©
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Interior view from the counter _©

Fikafabriken’s idea is inspired by the Swedish custom of Fika’h, which translates as “coffee break,” in which people relax and talk with one another over a cup of coffee or tea and some traditional treats.

Because the old business was hidden away off the main street and difficult to find, the major purpose of the extension and refurbishment design was to push the facade forward so that customers could readily recognize and stop by. The new light blue facade is distinctive in that it is slanted 45 degrees to the interior. It provides a great, open triangular area in front of the new built-in display counter, luring people in for a closer look. The 45-degree facade not only produces an exquisite picture but also gives a range of expressions to the business throughout the season, allowing visitors to enjoy Fika culture in their homes.

Coffee no.9 by Phtaa Living Design

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Store front and built in marble shelves @coffee no 9 _©
15 Creative small coffee shop design Ideas - Sheet21
Store front and built in marble shelves @coffee no 9 _©
View of counter and interior seating @coffee no 9 _©

Until recently, coffee culture in Bangkok emphasized the concept of spending time in a venue that had a clear definition of what Thai people consider a café to be. With limited room, Coffee No. 9 on Soi Ari needed to go against the norm and search for cues elsewhere where the focus was more on the drink and less on the time spent.

For seating or tables, concrete, steel, and fiber cement are used in street furniture. Standing next to the wall with eleven tiny marble built-in shelves is also an option. The outdoor space was designed to be a “fast-stop point” for coffee purchases. A big timber “gate” with a fun design is utilized to make a visual impact on the street and plainly indicate whether the café is open or closed. When the gate is closed, it closes the ordering window while allowing the awning above to flow through and locks the café during closing hours. When the gate is opened, cut-outs in the gate allow the shelves to flow through, allowing it to fit snuggly against the wall.

Today is Long Cafe by Absence from Island | Small coffee shop

15 Creative small coffee shop design Ideas - Sheet23
Storefront _ ©
- Sheet24
Conceptual sketches _©
Interior view of the seating _©

The cafe was titled “Today Is Long” (TIL), and the design was influenced by Australia’s golden sunset. Warm red-orange became the theme color, which was inspired by the sandstone monument Uluru in Northern Australia‘s Red Centre. The fired ceramic tiles anchored at the bottom section of the facade mimic the texture of the baked earthy sandstone. The setting sun’s hemisphere has been used in a variety of ways on the facade. This contributed to the creation of a front with a strong geometrical language that differentiates the café from its surroundings of historic buildings. It allows the café to be seen and stand out. 

1402 Coffee Shop in Aranya by B.L.U.E. Architecture Studio

15 Creative small coffee shop design Ideas - Sheet26
Storefront and Axinometric view of internal and external part of cafe @1402_ ©
15 Creative small coffee shop design Ideas - Sheet27
Storefront and Axinometric view of internal and external part of cafe @1402 _©
Exploded view of interior cafe @1402_©

The 1402 project is a coffee shop constructed inside an existing red brick architecture with a sloping roof on the major route to the ocean at the west gate of the Aranya community. The renovation’s architectural idea celebrates the contrast between old and contemporary. The remodeling is divided into two sections: the indoor space and the outside sitting area.

The colored Dagu cement box extends over the red brick building’s street-facing face, defining a new visual emphasis for the formerly uninteresting exterior and sparking guests’ eagerness to explore the interior. The box’s central zone is separated into semi-private sitting and rooms of varying proportions. The spatial plan ensures a comfortable sense of scale for guests ranging from those seeking alone to a couple of close friends. The external fixed furniture is built of the same colored Dagu cement as the inner cafe box, which reinforces the interior and exterior’s integrity and continuity.

El Moro / Cadena Concept Design

Store front @El Moro_ ©
15 Creative small coffee shop design Ideas - Sheet30
Interconnectedness between interior and the street @ El Moro _©

Since 1935, El MORO® has been one of the most popular pictures of daily life in Mexico City, enchanting diverse audiences with its unrivaled authenticity and rich taste, which delivers the greatest hot chocolate and churros in the country’s capital. Classic wall tiles became the major source of inspiration, coupled with stained glass windows and goods that have distinguished and pleased El MORO® clients for years.

This innovative approach to graphism translates into limitless compositional possibilities that have a profound impact on the brand’s identity, communication, architecture, and interior design. The multicolored palette, inspired by the unmistakable mosaics that gave the brand its individuality, is contrasted with a white tone inspired by sugar.

Zmianatematu by xm3 | Small coffee shop

15 Creative small coffee shop design Ideas - Sheet31
Interior view of seating and counter_©

The structure itself dates from the late nineteenth century. The elevation is in the Neo-classical style, and it was determined to keep it as natural as possible. The proposal was to build the floor out of epoxy mass, leave the walls in raw roughcast, and remove the electrical system from the walls, which would be covered with steel, black tubes.

The sole addition is this alien form, a “hub” that creeps to the volume from within the structure, creating the bar and dividing the space into many functional zones. Another split is also visible. The “hub” is made of CNC-cut plywood. It is created by sectioning the shape, which is formed by adapting to the space and any concealed installations.

Estação Ciência Cafe / Una Arquitetos

15 Creative small coffee shop design Ideas - Sheet32
Plan _©
Night view of the cafe _©
Insert of the cafe in the existing context_  ©

Lapa is a neighborhood in which Faced with the challenging need for a new café, the solution was to locate it near the covered platform, which also serves as the major entry and circulation for tourists. The major goal of the construction was to prevent any form of interference with the existing buildings as much as possible. As a result, an independent steel structure was created.

During the day, the inside of the building is completely transparent, but visitors on the outside perceive an opaque volume. As the sun sets, we have the opposite circumstance. The sliding glass panels provide easy access to and from the platform as well as natural cross-ventilation. The indoor area is structured around the cafe’s counter, which is the sole fixed piece of furniture and houses all of the required installations and equipment.

Grounds Coffee / Kogaa | Small coffee shop

Ground level of the coffee shop_ ©
Mezzanine level of the coffee shop_ ©
15 Creative small coffee shop design Ideas - Sheet37
Cross-sectional view of levels @GROUNDS_ ©

GROUNDS is a coffee shop in Prague’s growing Karln neighborhood. The hub serves as a local cafe, tucked inside an inner yard of a bustling office and residential street. A translucent duplex structure enables light through to the many functions of the hub, all integrated and connected within the unit, making use of the above natural light.

The interior was constructed using 80% of building site trash from a previously disassembled project, in keeping with the architect’s goal of decreasing construction site waste concerns in the country.


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