Fabrics are vital in the personalization of space. They play a technical role in creating an atmosphere through decoration in both minimalist and cozy interiors. Some fabrics tend to insulate a room from extreme temperatures. Curtains and sheers reflect, filter, and block sunlight, creating a comfortable interior environment. Many fabrics possess sound absorption qualities to enhance acoustics by eliminating echoes. Carpets and floor rugs prevent falling on slippery floors. They also keep the feet warm and give the room character. Choice of fabrics for home is guided by function and personal preference in color, pattern, and texture.

1. Silk | Fabrics for home

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Silk bedding _©elle silk

Silk is a natural fiber produced from the cocoons of silkworms. It is a classy fabric with a soft and flowy feel with a sheen. It is strong and durable and is often used for bed linen, curtains, and upholstery. Silk gives the house a classy luxurious appeal.

2. Cotton

10 Fabrics of the world you should opt for in your home - Sheet2

Cotton is made from the natural fibers of cotton plants. Cotton is spun into yarn which is then woven into a soft, durable fabric used for everyday garments, like t-shirts, and home items like tea cloth and towels. Cotton prints and cotton solids are both available designs.

Cotton is ideal for bedding as it is soft and absorbent to sop up moisture. Cotton is also used throughout the home for upholstery, curtains, rugs, and pillows.

3. Linen | Fabrics for home

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Linen tablecloth_©nutriplanet

Linen is a natural fabric made from the flax plant. It is a strong, lightweight, and durable fabric. For its versatility, linen is often used for towels, table cloths, napkins, and bedsheets. The texture of linen varies depending on its weave. A course weave gives a natural relaxed look while a tight weave gives a polished high-end look, especially with vibrant color. Linen is an excellent choice for upholstery because of its durability and breathability qualities.

4. Velvet

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Velvet couch_©pinterest

Velvet is characterized by a dense pile of cut fibers with a smooth nap. It has a soft and shiny appearance with a beautiful drape.

Though originally made from silk, velvet can also be made from cotton, linen, mohair, wool, and synthetic fibers. This makes producing velvet cheaper and easily incorporated into the home. Velvet is suitable for upholstery, curtains, pillows, carpets, sheets, as well as clothes.

5. Cashmere | Fabrics for home

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Cashmere throw blanket_©pinterest

Cashmere is a wool fabric made from cashmere goats and pashmina goats. Cashmere is a very soft natural fiber with great insulation qualities. It has fine and delicate fibers that feel similar to silk fabric to the touch. Cashmere is much lighter and warmer compared to sheep’s wool. Cashmere is often added into a wool blend and mixed with other types of wool, such as merino, to give it added weight as cashmere fibers are very fine and thin. The warm and luxurious cashmere blankets are great as throws on a couch, chair, or bed.

6. Leather

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Leather couch_©pinterest

Leather refers to any fabric that is made from animal hides or skins. Different types of animals and different treatment techniques result in different leathers. Leather is commonly made by tanning cowhide. The other animals whose skin is used to make leather include crocodiles, pigs, snakes, and stingrays.

Leather is a durable and wrinkle-resistant fabric. It comes in different looks and feels depending on the type of animal, grade, and treatment. Leather is commonly used as an upholstery material for couches and chairs.

Leather can get too cold or too warm depending on the exposure to sunlight and the temperature in the room.

7. Wool

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Woolen carpet_©indiamart

Wool is a natural fiber that comes from sheep, goat, llama, and alpaca fleece. It is either knitted or woven.

It is flexible, durable, and fire-resistant, making it suitable for numerous purposes, both decorative and functional. As wool is a natural fire-retardant, it does not need to be treated with chemicals to meet fire-safety standards.

Wool is warm, wrinkle-free, durable, and long-lasting. It is a fabulous-looking material that adds grace and class to a home. Woolen rugs not only feel soft but also look impeccable. It can also be used to fill duvets.

8. Jute | Fabrics for home

Jute rug_©next

Jute is a long, soft natural fiber that is derived from the jute plant. It is durable with a rich texture.

Jute is ideal for sturdy and stiff projects like carpets, table runners, coasters, placemats, window treatments, furniture coverings, and baskets and upholstery

can bring a natural, textured feel to the bedroom when used to cover bed frames and headboards. Its rough, coarsely-woven look, paired with smooth linens and fluffy pillows, creates a pleasant contrast.

9. Nylon

Nylon table runner_©wedding linens direct

Nylon is a tough synthetic fabric found in various everyday items. The strength and versatility of nylon make it an excellent choice for home decor.

From furniture cloths to upholstery to curtains, nylon is a reliable option to consider.  It is sturdy and with the correct thickness, makes strong durable carpets and rugs. Nylon is inexpensive and easy to maintain.

10. Olefin | Fabrics for home

Olefin patio sofa_©pinterest

Olefin is a type of synthetic fabric that is made from ethylene and propylene.

Olefin is sturdier and much stronger than most fabrics because of the thick weave and the strength of the chemical fibers. This makes it suitable for a large number of uses around the home. It is also water-resistant which makes it ideal for semi-outdoor and outdoor spaces.

Olefin is popularly used in outdoor patio furniture, including cushions, rugs, and throw pillows. Bean bags are also commonly made from olefin.

Its water resistance and stain resistance make it ideal for wall coverings. It is also a good choice for upholstery as the colors and patterns don’t fade with wear and tear.


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