Located in suburban Mumbai, Atharv occupies a three-story building designed to house multiple offices within a cohesive environment. Each floor and space within it has been carefully crafted to serve its purpose autonomously while maintaining a unified aesthetic. Created entirely during the Covid lockdown, Atharv embodies a sense of warmth and refined luxury within its minimalistic yet contemporary design.

Project Name: Atharv Office
Studio Name: Pentaspace Design Studio
Location: Vile Parle, Mumbai
7,000 sq ft
Photo Credits- Sagar Karnik

Atharv office by Pentaspace design studio-Sheet2
©Sagar Karnik

The office belongs to an emerging residential developer seeking to enhance his reputation by showcasing his expertise and luxury residences through his workspace. For Pentaspace, the project served as both an interior design endeavor and an exercise in image building. Drawing inspiration from Pentaspace’s own multi-story office nestled in a serene residential area, the project began with a client brief outlining the desired look, feel, and functionality.

Atharv office by Pentaspace design studio-Sheet3
©Sagar Karnik

The design concept of Atharv reflects a gradual progression of luxury as one ascends through the ground+3 structure. The ground floor houses the main reception, while the first floor, characterized by an industrial aesthetic, accommodates the firm’s young team. The subsequent floors feature private lounges for the directors and their respective teams, with the second floor exuding opulence and privacy for client meetings and presentations.

Atharv office by Pentaspace design studio-Sheet5
©Sagar Karnik

To optimize space and adhere to Vaastu principles, service areas such as the kitchen and recreational spaces are strategically placed in the corners of each floor. Customized furniture and accessories, including desks, sofas, and shelving systems, were meticulously designed to add richness and personalization to the space. Natural light floods the office through glass panels, creating a welcoming atmosphere and striking a balance between form and function.

Atharv office by Pentaspace design studio-Sheet9
©Sagar Karnik
Atharv office by Pentaspace design studio-Sheet10
©Sagar Karnik

In summary, Atharv represents a harmonious blend of functionality, luxury, and contemporary design, reflecting the vision and expertise of its owner while serving as a testament to Pentaspace’s innovative approach to spatial transformations.


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