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Rethinking The Future Awards 2022

The main source of employment and income of the person, humanitarian sector. The leading role in the development of society given to science, technology, culture and information. Key sources of development- universities, information, scientific, cultural and health centers. Bases of theoretical and applied knowledge.

Participant  Name: Leilia Sadykova
University: Kazan state university of architecture and engineering
Country : Russia

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The leading role of knowledge leads to the fact that the person who has received the necessary education and having access to information takes precedence. Formed a new type of “elite” of society. Much attention is paid to the interaction between man and nature. The ability to produce and utilize that process the maximum amount of raw materials required for the operation of urban subsystems assembly.

Use of communications for the movement of material and information resources. Production is carried out with an experimental introduction of scientific innovation. Information of the household, culture, creativity and production. Culture – the priority of the platform base of a powerful conglomerate of creative industries. The driving force, development of human abilities. Expression in the activity prevails over the material motivation. Сreative industries sector. “Creative Economy». The main concept of the plant community.

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Eduwik- Online Courses for Architects & Designers

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Rethinking The Future Awards 2022