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Participant  Name: Javad Eiraji

University: Tehran Central Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran

Country : Iran

Merooj Sport Wear

Merooj Sport Wear, is one of the famous sport wear brands in Iran which the national sport teams usually wear them in International competitions. This project, at first was a student design challenge that we done in one of our design courses during master program in our university. Then, the projects designed by students were shown to the owner of brand and then this project was selected.

The main idea in this project is to show movement and sense of life in an interior space. Because of that the main tools were the forms and the colors that we could select. At first the needed spaces and needed products were listed. Then, by paying attention to the furniture that we needed, it was decided to use and develop the designed furniture to whole space that we have and this created the main concept of this project: “From Industrial Design to Interior Design”.

Thus, in the design process of the project, it was tried to have special forms which shows more activities and movements and also by choosing light green as the marked color of the brand, we focus on this case more and more.

In the next step, the main job was to manage the spaces that the industrial products should be there and by this way join the furniture to interior space.

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