The client first requested that we transform the previous classic design into a modern space for the younger generation, a new style of Shangri-La.

Studio Name: Bond Design Studio Inc.

Design Team :
Director/ Ryoichi Niwata
Designer/Shizuka Watanabe, Yasuhiro Ishikawa, Shintaro Ishizaka, Ijun Cho

Lobby / Lobby Lounge / Retail Shop/ Function Floor / Public Area /
Japanese restaurant “NAMI”/
Guestroom (Deluxe / Deluxe Family room/ Horizon club deluxe/ Horizon junior suite/ One bedroom)
Year: May, 2017 Opened


Lighting Designer:
Osamu Wakai, Noosa design., Ltd.
Interior Design Constructor:
SUNRAY wood craft construction Pte. Ltd,

Architectural Consultant: Chao Tse Ann& partners Pte Ltd

Photography Credits: Nakasa & Partners Inc.

Shangri-La Hotel By BOND DESIGN STUDIO - Sheet3
©Nakasa & Partners Inc.

Respecting a brand image of Shangri-La hotel which took a garden concept, a beautiful fresh garden was invited to the inside of the building with a modern edge. With simple pallet such as cream beige and black, the hotel takes a new turn with a perfect mix of contemporary and elegance.
To emphasize the character of the hotel, we proposed a new appearance of a garden by working with an Australian landscape designer, Charlie Albone.
By bringing a garden inside, natural materials were fused with the interior fixtures.

Shangri-La Hotel By BOND DESIGN STUDIO - Sheet4
©Nakasa & Partners Inc.

In order to express Singapore’s mixed culture which is the intersection of Asian culture, we adopted the materials and furniture of each country. They are harmonious and making great features.

With the details and mix of culture, and dynamic nature, this hotel was created a stunning combinations and contrasts of modern and nature. Light-flooded lounge and tranquility colors make the guests relax and invite them to guestrooms, while making a good synergy with contemporary taste of furniture and arts, creating a new Shangri-la brand image.

Shangri-La Hotel By BOND DESIGN STUDIO - Sheet5
©Nakasa & Partners Inc.

The previous classic design was completely renewed into a fresh, modern space.
In Lobby Lounge, Beautiful trees were added alongside the black pool, and the traditional style art panel was replaced to refreshing basalt rock feature wall with some green. Although the main structures are retained, this space was converted to be a refreshing lobby with a timeless design.
On the rock wall, real various plants are potted as well as artificial plants. This makes a good contrast with the rest of the hue of the white colors of posh interior. Greens and massive rocks add a raw touch to them in a powerful way, and bring a sense of the familiarity.

Shangri-La Hotel By BOND DESIGN STUDIO - Sheet7
©Nakasa & Partners Inc.

Each of Lobby Lounge and Guest room, the art and sustainable materials are come from each area all over Asia. Rattans, slate stones, and black lacquers were used for furniture and art to enhance oriental feel. The harmony of them express and embody Singapore which is crossing point of various Asian cultures.
This hotel combines Asian traditional materials and dynamic nature in a contemporary way and welcomes customers with a new Shangri-La brand.

Bond Design Studio Inc.

BOND DESIGN STUDIO Inc. (bond) was established in 2011 by Ryoichi Niwata to create interior design solutions for luxury hospitality environments.

Through their designs, the firm aims to enhance each aspect of the guest experience.

Each unique space is composed of elements drawn from each property’s location, culture and history, supported by Japanese philosophy and ideals. Traditional and modern materials, textures and furniture combine to create new interiors that are elegant, engaging and soothing.

The firm’s design achievement has been consistently delivering international hospitality spaces. From offices in Tokyo, our designers and technical staff are organized and integrated into project teams that are able to address a full spectrum of interior design services bond’s design leadership is actively and fully engaged in every aspect of our design process. They approach each project with their personal perspectives, integrating the business and strategic goals of the owners into successful design.


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