Rethinking The Future Awards 2022

The project is the sales center of MYSTARRY CITY, a residential property developed by Shinion Estate. Situated at the junction of several core riverside zones in Hangzhou, China, it injects creativity of the city into a “magic glass box”, and explores future living concepts via extreme imagination.

Project Name: MYSTARRY CITY Sales Center
Studio Name: GFD
Area: 350 m2
Completion time: July 2020
Photography: Li Dong

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©Li Dong

Day and night are alternation and resonance of sense and sensibility.

The overall space is shaped by modern fabric. Simplistic points, lines and planes are adopted to construct the building and interior structures, which pay homage to classical minimalist concept. The simple construction leaves ample space for imagining the interior. The design brings contemporary artworks into the space, releases its energy by immersive images, and converts the vision for life into perceptible visual languages, so as to evoke unique and infinite vigor.

At the foyer, several geometric surfaces compose a concise, neat brand display wall, which generates a sense of transparency via the reflection of mirror-polished stainless steel. Floating dark-hued surface extends from the wall to the center of the space, thereby forming a partition.

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©Li Dong

The spatial pattern is open, making all areas clear at a glance. Featuring reflective surface and a low-profile character, black terrazzo flooring is extended to the entire space. In addition, the rippled stainless steel on the ceiling looks like dynamic water surface under breeze. Dynamic lights cast mottled shadows, which blur the boundary between the real and unreal. Meanwhile, like scattered stars, they create a poetic and gentle atmosphere.

“Fifty Moons”, the video artwork created by artist Cui Shaohan, endows the main wall with infinity and poetry.

The property model display area is set behind the foyer and next to the bar counter. Stone materials showcase distinct textures, which contrast yet balance with each other. Large areas of French windows make the negotiation area open and transparent, while also bringing in outdoor cityscape.

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©Li Dong

The artist turned the artwork into perceptible spatial languages, which release and infuse the space with energy.

Taking space as the medium, the repeatedly displayed images interpret urban people’s changing and unknown spiritual pursuits. The artwork showcases the endless alternation of day and time, and produces calming power. It offers immersive sensory experiences, stimulates visitors to dialogue with inner self, and arouses self-examination and expectation.

Based on the concept of building a community with young power, the sales center presents the “day and night’ of urban life through dynamic images, and utilizes stylish artistic languages to create a sense of tension in the space, with a view to evoking spiritual resonance and bringing infinite possibilities for future life.

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About GFD

GFD, founded more than a decade ago, is dedicated to working on interior design of real estate projects, hotels, commercial spaces and upscale private residences.

The two design directors both obtained a bachelor’s degree in China Academy of Art, and then had further study in Politecnico di Milano and University of the Arts London respectively. In addition, they have been engaged in teaching activities in college for many years. The creative team members all graduated from design colleges at home and abroad.

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GFD emphasizes integrated design quality control, from spaces to furnishings, schemes to construction drawings. And its works have been published on multiple international design media platforms and won various design awards at domestic and global levels.

GFD established a branch company called QIANDU CASA, with a view to integrating prime design and product resources worldwide. So far, GFD has carried out design practices in various mainland Chinese cities, and branched out globally. In recent years, its team has completed many upscale private residence projects in New York, Sydney, Vancouver, Los Angeles and Hong Kong.


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Rethinking The Future Awards 2022