Designing the interior of Policlinica Centrum medical clinic was a very unique project for us. It was done for a passionate group of inspired doctors who love their job and helping others. Amid heavy competition in the private sector they gathered their forces and decided to create a place which emphasises quality and cutting-edge medical therapy, where every patient feels taken care of and listened to.

Project Name: Policlinica Centrum
Project type: Interior design of a Healthcare Clinic
Office Name: BESIGN STUDIO Magdalena Wieczorek
Office Website:
Office Instagram:
Firm Location: Gdynia Completion Year: 2019
Area: 300 m2
Project Location: Gdynia
Program / Use / Building Function: Healthcare, Clinic
Design Team: Magdalena Wieczorek & Małgorzata Szczurowska Photography Credits: Jakub Nanowski
Other credits: art gallery with polish design Lumann

Policlinica Centrum by Studio Besign - Sheet4
©Studio Besign

Policlinica centrum spans over 300m2 and comprises of 5 doctor’s offices, fully equiped operating room, bathrooms for patients and personel, with it’s heart beating bravely in spacious and eastheticaly finished reception room, where patients await their appointments. In addition to this and somewhat more hidden there is also a kitchen and changing room with all the necessary amenities for clinic’s personel.

This medical facility found its place in the vibrant center of Gdynia – young, prosperous and modernistic harbour city. This particular placement served as main source of inspiration when we were deciding on overal composition of its design – so when You enter its realm You will most likely notice easthetics inspired by marinistic way od life and numerous references to 20th century modernism, which Gdynia is very well known for.

Policlinica Centrum by Studio Besign - Sheet6
©Studio Besign

Thus, colour palette revolves around many shades of sea – deep turquaise, many shades of blue as well as calming whites and melancholic greys. Grooved and beautifully finished reception desk is a tribute to steady rythm of waves and its calming effect while many elements like vase or wooden sculpture on the entrance made by crafty polish designers give the clinic that wholesome local vibe. This canvas is made whole with many art photographs exhibiting the beauty of Gdynia’s architecture, created by team member Małgorzata Szczurowska.

Policlinica Centrum by Studio Besign - Sheet8
©Studio Besign

Thanks to these essential and subtle details every patient coming to Policlinica Centrum recognises vibrant spirit of the city right after stepping into this caring and astonishing place. It was very important for investors and our team aswell to create not only an elegant place with best specialists and state-of-the-art equipment, but also to create a space where everyone would feel safe and welcome. This dream materialised in a form of this gentle and peaceful composition, providing patients with a place to relax, seek medical attention and feel harmony at the same time.

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Architect by education and – most importantly – heart. Graduate of Technical University in Gdańsk with a degree in Architecture and Urbanism, for which she was highly praised. She started practicing the craft in architecture firms while still studying which proves fruitful today. Keen observator of global trends and novelties within the realm of art and design. She approaches interior design with fascinated attention, as she believes it to be the scenography of our daily lives. Because of this she spares no effort to get to know the client and understand his or hers needs. While designing she deems empathy and technical knowledge as equally important, as preconditions to creating wholesome and highly enjoyable composition.


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