Fabrika is located in the building of the sewing factory that was operating during the soviet time.Before the revitalization of the place, it was abandoned for the decades with no use to the neighborhood and society. The district was also unpopular as the destination for travellers or locals.

Fabrika has become unique experience for Tbilisi in the conceptual, architectural, urban and social perspective. It’s the first attempt to create the similar development locally, which had an immediate effect on the neighborhood transforming it into popular artistic and hipster district.

Global Architecture & Design Awards 2018
Second Award | Category: Urban Design (Built)

Architects: MUA – Multiverse Architecture
Team Members: Nikoloz Gurabanidze, Boka Kilasonia, Devi Kituashvili, George Sakvarelidze
Country: Georgia

Fabrika is located in a historic neighborhood which has been a central but less popular part of the city. The starting point was to analyze the urban context where the project could bring multiple benefits for the area: increase its publicity and influence the economic and social life of the neighborhood. Creation of a new hotspot and thus, improving the attractiveness of the area was one of the main objectives.

The existing building of the Soviet era sewing factory had its own distinct spirit. That is why the architects chose to preserve and augment the energy of the space. The challenge was to implement a functional space program and rational circulation within the existing envelope.

In the detail level, it was important to apply changes only where it was unavoidable to achieve the coherent adaptation. The minimum intervention is made in the interior design: the walls are left bare, the ceilings and the floors are left untouched where possible. The interior design details and surfaces have the esthetics of the time when the building was functioning as the sewing factory. Even the old appliances found on the site are reused as the design elements.

The result is a building with an industrial look that is integrated into the urban context organically. The facade is largely intact and is used as the perfect surface for street art. Three distinctive building blocks create the welcoming rectangular courtyard that has quickly become a trendy gathering spot for travelers and local people. The staircase, which is a steel structure covered with plywood, plays the central role in the interior. Apart from the basic function, it gives the opportunity to explore the environment from different viewpoints.

The hostel room atmosphere gives the impression of the industrial setting. The lobby is a cozy, inspiring space full of comfortable furniture, old traditional rugs and enormous plants.

The design includes new entrances and circulation, enabling accessibility for disabled and solutions for energy efficient MEP systems. The architecture and design of Fabrika Tbilisi is based on authenticity and cultural diversity. It is a case of a successful architecture with a real urban impact.

Fabrika Today

Today Fabrika is the most popular urban hotspot that unites its 22 Residents in one spirit – cafes and bars, artist studios, shops, educational institutions, co-working space and the biggest hostel in the region.

Residents of Fabrika are creating Fabrika’s artistic soul. The vibes loved by visitors come from the members of its community.

Here one can find like-minded individuals with different tastes, styles, age or social status.

The open courtyard is the hub for socializing. Evenings are packed and noisy here. Alternative style conference and meeting facilities attracts interesting events. The events calendar is always busy.

Fabrika Hostel offers its guests the flexibility to choose between shared dormitories, standard private rooms and Apartment style suites – in total, up to 400 beds. Being adventurers and explorers at heart, we are here to connect you with the local scene, making your stay as authentic and memorable as possible.

Fabrika in facts and figures

  • Total area – 7600 sq. meters
  • 22 Residents
  • Fabrika created more than 350 new work places
  • Hosting up to 7 events per week
  • Fabrika Hostel – Biggest hostel in the region with up to 400 beds
  • More than 100 local businesses in the waiting list for rental space
  • At least 1000 visitors every day, lot more on weekends.

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