Architecture helps create an environment for people to live and interact. Architecture responds to the requirements of people; hence architecture and architects exist solely due to the presence of people/clients to create beautiful structures for them. The architecture was born out of the requirement of a roof over your head for an individual. Architecture can influence a person’s life since architecture is about the people, not the buildings.

Architecture: By and For the people - Sheet1
Architecture it revolves around people and their interaction with different spaces_©

It is considered an apt statement; Architecture is by and for the people. Architecture can control and change human behavior. An architect, when he manages to get a project that the whole project revolves around the client, their needs, aims, the interest helps shape, influences the architect’s design. Architecture does not focus only on design and construction, but it is also about supporting people/clients to fulfill their dreams and meet their needs through architecture. Architects exist with the client’s needs for house requirements.

“Architecture is about people.” Francis Kere

“I don’t build in order to have clients. I have clients in order to build.” Ayn Rand

Human-centric design & Architecture

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Human’s requirements and behaviors can affect the design and architecture of spaces and buildings_©

Human-centric design the term was officially termed in the year 1987 by the Irish engineer Mike Cooley. The human-centric approach is an aspect for designers and architects which help in optimizing human and architecture relationships. This approach helps in meeting the needs of an individual more accurately. Since architecture revolves around people, it is an important reason for architects to widen their knowledge and understanding of their clients. A human-centric design can improve the design of spaces, buildings, and surrounding spaces. Architecture at its center consists of humans and their experiences. 

Human-centered architecture can help in solving some of the world’s challenges. The architecture is more expressive with the consideration of human empathy, needs valuable insight, and critical thinking about human and space interactions.  

“Architecture is the thoughtful making of space.” Louis Kahn

Some examples of works – By and For the people

  1. Water reservoirs as a public park, Medellín, Colombia
Architecture: By and For the people - Sheet3
Public park which replaced the water tanks_©

The project aims to create a public space in a neighborhood using existing building fabric. This project expresses by and for the people architecture. The project creates high-quality public spaces in a low-income and dense urban fabric. The public park was created by replacing the reservoir with two giant water tanks. The project aims to develop social interaction among the public. 

  1. The ChonGae Canal, South Korea
Architecture: By and For the people - Sheet4
Canal turned into a public interaction zone in the city_©

This ambitious redevelopment project of a canal located in South Korea. The project creates public interaction in the urban fabric design that focuses on a pedestrian-friendly zone for the public. This open space is a central gathering place for the city. Architecture and people are integrated with a focus on the environment and sustainable dimensions.

3.Pininfarinas Paolo Trevisan – Human centric workspace,Torre Designo

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Human centric- By and For the people design in offices_©

Architecture by and for the people is a prime focus in future designs of office workspaces. Architecture apart from the requirements of people should focus on their health in the workspaces. Human-centric design and architecture tend to incline towards the mental health aspect of the people. The emphasis on human-centric design w.r.t health surged after the covid pandemic (2019). Torre Designo focuses on architecture that integrates people, health, and biophilia.

Architecture and its impact on humans

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Architecture has an impact on humans on various levels and many aspects_©

Architecture and the design of spaces can affect a human on various levels. Architecture can impact human behavior, mental health, mood, and work productivity. There is something about a strong connection and emotionally about a good design. The study of human behavior has a considerable effect on the design and architecture of spaces and buildings. The architecture and human interaction help in creating unique design and space. Human-centric design helps in adding more value and importance to space.  

Architecture can impact and help evoke certain emotions and sensations in people. The famous quote by the world renowned architect Le Corbusier, he perceives houses are accurate tools in providing the requirements, necessities of the resident. 

“The house is a machine to live in.” Le Corbusier

“I believe that the way people live can be directed a little by architecture.” Tadao Ando

The future of human-centered architecture

Architecture: By and For the people - Sheet7
The future designs and architecture that are more human centered_©

Human-centered design is an aspect of every building design and design on an urban scale. The term was officially coined in 1987 publication by an Irish engineer Mike Cooley. By and for the people, architecture does translate to human-centric architecture. The design in which people are put in the center of the design process. The human-centric design has an impact not only on people but communities also. It can help create change and equality through architecture and design. The designs can be more people-centric which can help design and architecture improve. It can help optimize the relationship between people and buildings through architecture. The design is human-centric then it can make architecture more responsive, interactive, and more complete. The spaces eventually become more thoughtful and emotionally connected designs.  


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