Time and space flow in the bustling world, where the paintbrush unleashes aspirations and colors delineate exquisite stories. The KABEL Art Paint Headquarter Exhibition Hall, owned by the brand Kabel dedicated to art paints, draws inspiration from the artist’s paintbrush, creating a space that embodies free brush strokes and swirling motions.

Project Name: Kabel Chinese Headquarters
Proprietor: Guangdong Kabel New Material Technology Co., Ltd.
Project Location: Greenland Center, Shunde, Foshan, China
Design Company: Topway Space Design(www.topwayspace.com)
Chief Designers: Wang Zhike&Li Xiaoshui
Design Team: Lu Zhongwen, Lan Jingwei, Lai Yuqin, Liu Zhu ,Su Jianming, Li Ziying, Deng Jianfeng
Soft Decoration Design: Topway Space Design
Brand Consultant: YL Brand
Project Area: 1000㎡
Design Time: 2022.04
Completion Time: 2023.03
Main Material: Kabel Art Paint
Photographer: Xu Yiwen

Kabel Art Paint Headquarter Exhibition Hall by Topway Space Design - Sheet4
©Xu Yiwen

The lobby area features dazzling round colorful acrylic lights resembling stars, creating a dreamy universe. This design enhances the main theme and characteristics of the paint exhibits, playing visually beautiful notes and imparting a unique soul to the space.

The verses of colorful acrylic lights resonate with light and shadow, providing visitors with a picturesque experience. This interactive encounter constructs a rainbow bridge between visitors and exhibits, guiding them to explore an uncharted world of colors.

The space resembles a garden of boundless creativity, where vibrant brushwork and paint come to life. Visitors can explore digital tools and immerse themselves in a virtual universe crafted from colors, experiencing art from a fresh perspective. The elegant piano in the circular materials selection area resonates with the vibrant colors, interpreting the interplay of music and colors.

Kabel Art Paint Headquarter Exhibition Hall by Topway Space Design - Sheet6
©Xu Yiwen

Curved walls within the exhibition hall resemble poetry, displaying dynamic and elegant qualities that harmonize with the exhibits. The walls intersect, creating a graceful dance of motion and fluidity. The space serves as a showcase for art paint products and a color-themed art gallery, presenting diverse textures of art paint.

In the leisure area, comfortable seating complements natural elements, creating a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle. Through clever color combinations, different atmospheres and emotional experiences are created, guiding visitors into a peaceful natural paradise.

The DIY experiment stand, shaped like a ‘Tree of Colors,’ grows upward with endless vitality. Transparent glass test tubes hang in the air, each telling an inspirational story and representing a unique natural hue. This space creatively merges art, nature, and technology, presenting the brand’s creativity and innovation.

Kabel Art Paint Headquarter Exhibition Hall by Topway Space Design - Sheet8
©Xu Yiwen

Art and technology embrace each other, creating a beautiful tableau that whispers the secrets of nature. Upon entering the water bar area, an inverted forest of light unfolds, creating a poetic ambiance of light and shadow. This small, poetic space provides a moment of tranquility and respite, inviting contemplation and introspection.

In this space, inner serenity, introspection, and profound awareness take center stage, creating an environment where thoughts can drift like an unfinished poem.


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