I have worked with “PITTI IMMAGINE UOMO”in Italy and with MODE SHANGHAI, and in all the years I have been involved in fashion exhibitions I have honed a very simple concept;

Project Name: MODE SS2021
Studio Name: Oliviero Baldini – Studio O

MODE SS2021 By Oliviero Baldini - Studio O - Sheet9
©Oliviero Baldini – Studio O

The fair is to be understood as an urban route. Therefore, the entrance must represent the gateway to the city and must have not only monumentality, given by the chosen scenic effect, but also the representation of what will be better explained inside. In this case the “diamonds” above the door are ironic inflatables with an optical effect.

Hence the decision to design the reception area with a round element to accentuate interest.    The side “dolmens” increase the “agora” effect of the entrance.

MODE SS2021 By Oliviero Baldini - Studio O - Sheet10
©Oliviero Baldini – Studio O

The whole exhibition route becomes a “street” and to increase relations, where possible, I removed the walls of the stands, allowing people to be identified without being enclosed in micro-spaces.

Along the exhibition routes, I found it interesting to position rest areas that could be pleasant interludes to enjoy the visit to the fair more, and could easily be compared to the concept of the square in the morphology of the city. Selfie zone: bordered by three-dimensional interlocking cardboard walls with a black and white optical effect and, like a square, containing two mannequins/butterflies that move from static elements to become dynamic as the wind blows from fans.

MODE SS2021 By Oliviero Baldini - Studio O - Sheet12
©Oliviero Baldini – Studio O

The black and white theme. Black and white cannot be considered colours because of their relationship with light, even though they have opposite characteristics. Black is the essence of light and colour, while white is light and contains all colours. According to tradition, black and white are the eternal opposites and are therefore the becoming of all things.


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