The main objective of the project development is the construction of a contemporary building that will satisfy the needs of the uses as described in the building program. One of the primary goals is to maintain a clear separation between functions and sections and at the same time to create a notion of play between the covered and open interconnecting areas.

BUILT AREA: 3200m2

KindergartenMiddle School by Matheas Architecture - Sheet3
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The basic composition and also the volume of the proposed building were designed taking into account the requirements of the program, the need for protection, privacy and safety of the kindergarten, as well as the characteristics of the topography and buildings positioning on the lot. Crucial objectives, set from the beginning, are the protection of pre-schoolers from any external danger and on the other hand, the adequate interconnection of interior spaces and outdoor activities.

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Eastward view, the topography of the lot as well as existing buildings positions, largely determined the choice of the new building’s placement. The effort to create a closed and protected common courtyard for the secondary school and the kindergarten but also the need for an unobstructed view of the primary school led to the decision to of developing all classrooms at a lower level in respect to the primary school, extending from south to north. With eastern orientation, all classrooms obtain sufficient natural light in the morning and open view. At the lower level of the internal courtyard is the common auditorium which, despite being located underground, receives adequate natural light and air through suitably positioned skylights. Moreover, it can be accessed separately from the rest of the school so that it can function autonomously. The volume of the building, a continuous curve, follows the natural topography and thus creates a closed courtyard which connects the two schools that are housed in the same building.

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Along the building’s length, its height increases, providing enough room for the development of more floors. The building volume intended for the middle school protects and shades the courtyard from the intense southern sunshine. Access to the new building is possible directly from the central (northwest) entrance of the lot and through the common courtyard. In the southern part of the building there is the middle school entrance, while in the northern part that of the kindergarten.

Morphologically, the new school blends in with the curves of the landscape and green areas, providing adequate sun exposure and ventilation on each side. The green roof becomes part of the composition and continuation of the courtyard, providing more outdoor space for recreation and a curved path towards the top of the building and the exquisite 360 view.


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