What is a Poolhouse?

A pool house is a distinct, free-standing building situated next to your pool and not part of your main house. A pool house is not meant to be a living or guest space, despite the word “house” being a component of its name. The pool house differs from other outdoor buildings like a pergola or cabana in that it is a permanent structure with walls and cannot be moved about or taken down. A pool house is intended to store pool toys and supplies and provide a space for families and guests to change into swimwear or back into their clothes after they’ve had their pool fun. You may already have a permanent space, like a detached garage or guest house, on your property but not adjacent.

California Home Tucked Between the Mountains and the Beach

The cottage was constructed in 1926 and is “covered in wide, plain horizontal wood siding,” according to Marks, giving it a small-town New England feel. The house has a distinctly coastal colour scheme, with driftwood-like furniture frames, oceanic blues and greens, salt whites, and salty whites. Nonetheless, the dominating fabric patterns and lines are dated European. The doors to the garden are located almost everywhere, and they are frequently thrown open. You get the impression that you are moonlight camping outside when you are looking out over a sea of pine trees. The Dutch door is always open to welcome family members and friends returning from a walk or beach outing.

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Dining area in front of the pool_©Photographer Trevor Tondro

Shelter Island Poolhouse – Monogatari Shou Sugi Ban

Shelter Island, a remote coastal community with homes overlooking the water and several sites to watch the sunset, is only a short boat journey from North Haven, New York. When you arrive at the house, the path to the pool house is marked by an ivy archway with a rustic wooden door. The shelter island property has an unusual pool house architecture with two distinct buildings joined by an unfinished wooden pergola canopy. The buildings are single-room units with folding walls that may be opened to create poolside recreation areas. Exterior siding is used on both structures to create a gloomy outside appearance that highlights the cosiness of the internal decor. Shelter Island combines many of the best features of the pastoral North Fork wine country and the world-famous Hamptons on the South Fork of Long Island. Despite the area’s fast growth, Shelter Island has kept much of its rural charm and character. Year-round recreational opportunities for locals and owners of second homes include boating, swimming, fishing, cycling, golfing, hiking, and even ice boating.

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Shelter Island Poolhouse_©reSawn Timber co.

Palm Beach ‘Master’s Cottage’

This one-story Palm Beach cottage may have one bedroom, two half bathrooms, and three full bathrooms. Pecky cypress, a type of hole-studded wood that was frequently used in Florida homes in the 1920s and 1930s but has since become rare, covers the walls of the living and dining room from floor to ceiling. A custom-carved teak bookcase and table from India, his-and-hers master bathrooms, one with a ceiling covered in hand-woven grass fabric, the other with lacquered shiplap walls, and an outdoor loggia filled with the best rattan, are all included. While several luxuries, such as the master bathrooms, a guest bathroom off the study, and two half-baths, were non-negotiable, Lindroth had to be mindful of available space. A skirted living room table that converts to a dining table for guests, a unique art installation that conceals a TV over the mantel, and an oversized ottoman that doubles as a cocktail table are just a few the multifunctional pieces she chose or created. Inspired by the St. Michael’s Mount castle in England, the pagoda-shaped cabinet over the fireplace includes a TV and serves as both a living area and an outside loggia. A built-in bar allows you to get refills without going inside.

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Palm Beach_©Photographer Tria Giovan

This Sleek Pool House Emphasizes Its Lush Surrounding Landscape

The 750-square-foot pool house has a living area with high ceilings, a kitchenette, a guest bedroom, and a bathroom with views of the Potomac River. The spectacular vistas of the property were intended to be framed by the bright pool house. While enormous steel doors and windows offer complete transparency to the surrounding landscape and celebrate the tension between solid and void, marble flooring blurs the distinction between indoor and outside spaces. Decker’s team added various unique features to the home, from the stainless steel kitchen cabinets to the wood frame on the bathroom mirror. To highlight the family’s collection of abstract art, they chose straightforward interior decor, such as the Benjamin Moore wall colour White Dove. Santa Cruz combined modern Nordic design with American utility for the furniture. The two oak and leather colonial chairs by Ole Wanscher and the vintage wing chair by Frits Henningsen are examples of Scandinavian accents in the living area. The yard and pool outside are uncomplicated, highlighting the area’s natural charm. 

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View from the living room_©Photographer Gordon Beall

A poolhouse by Lindsey Lane

A detached garage that is 200 square feet in size does not have many aesthetic options. Lindsey Lane, however, is not like other people. The designer set out to transform an underused garage in a client’s Palm Beach property into a chic pool house as part of a gut renovation project. Every member of the family is welcome to use and enjoy it. She began the space with a water-resistant patterned tile, then painted the ceiling to match. Lane also included an eight-foot-long sleeper sofa to convert the poolhouse into a guest room; it is also big enough for the family’s four children to curl up on during pool breaks.

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Poolhouse_©Photographer Peter Murdock

Minimalist dream vacation in Hawaii

When a young family hired San Francisco-based Catherine Kwong to design their new holiday home on Hawaii’s Big Island, they had the exact opposite in mind to what one might imagine when thinking of an explosion of tropical colours and floral-print shirts. The goal was to introduce furniture and décor to create a comfortable, not sterile, atmosphere. Although it has a neutral colour scheme, it also uses other media. It appears cosier because of the tactile feel of the textures and fibres. All the inside walls were painted a warm white, including the paint itself. As the lighting on the Big Island is extremely bright, the great room and the rest of the home are painted white to give it a warm undertone rather than a pure white colour.

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Exterior_©Photographer Matthew Millman

A Forever Home

A pair of doors open on a pricey terrace whose scenery continues inside to provide an appealing extension of the inside. A new pool house provides a shady area for relaxing, and the patio furniture has been moved to improve the flow. More social space was created by tucking the outdoor eating area between the home and the poolhouse. The new building’s brick flooring helped it blend nicely with the adjacent patio.

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Patio_©Photographer Amy Neunsinger

Tiny Private Island

The existing windows were replaced with the extra-durable, aluminium-clad versions since conventional wood windows couldn’t withstand the frequent sea spray and strong gusts that periodically exceed 60 miles per hour. Versatex, a synthetic material, replaced the outside wood trim that had deteriorated because of the moist circumstances. A little used screened-in porch was converted into a room with glass windows, and the flooring was changed to simple-to-install vinyl. Including a wood-burning cooker helps keep the space warm on chilly evenings as the house lacks central heating. The little structure next to the main home was converted into a guest room to provide additional space for overnight guests. A panoramic picture of Ontario’s Georgian Bay may be seen through three walls of windows. Wood from a schoolhouse built in the 1860s was used to construct the panelled island. The historic chandelier is easily lit by candles thanks to a pulley mechanism. A thin cabinet is a landing pad for keys and sunglasses because the house lacks formal entry spaces. A variety of straw hats were hung from existing hooks. Sandals and trainers are stylishly contained in a rattan basket. And a large mirror for final glances before leaving.

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Pivoting Windows_©Photographer Valerie Wilcox

“Get a fire pit.”

Drew Taggart, a DJ best known as one-half of The Chainsmokers, had this home built for him. To stay within the limited budget and complete the project in time for his homecoming in five weeks, architect Lau set to blending vintage and big-box furnishings. Lau mixed warm hues like red and orange with tactile materials over a neutral background. She scattered plants throughout the house to enhance the indoor-outdoor flow created by the wall-sized glass pocket doors that open. The most notable custom component in the house is a storage system Lau designed to exhibit Taggart’s honours and memorabilia from the music industry. She adds that he may rearrange the shelves to add sculptures, various items he’s acquired, or gifts from fans, and the painted colours make for a colourful pattern. It is placed near the home’s grand piano, which gets the greatest use. The area can accommodate large dinner parties and group jam sessions thanks to its numerous seating options. 

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Outdoor sitting_©Photographer Peti Lau

California’s Classic Poolhouse

A couple relocates to Los Angeles and purchases a seven-bedroom Spanish Revival home with agave plants built in 1928. They then hired Madeline Stuart, a design legend in Los Angeles, to transform the space into their own. Stuart has sprinkled in her personal flourishes and high-quality antiques over the years. Reproduction Batchelder tile was removed from the living room’s wall, and timber beams and an old stone fireplace were raised in its stead. A bespoke bed in the master bedroom has an old Italianate appearance. The client’s Scottish coat of arms was painted on the headboard by artist Jean Horihata, who also painted a night sky painting on the dining room ceiling. Moreover, the house’s woodwork is all painted a dark brown-black. In the stainless steel kitchen, the black tile creates contrast. Former owner Diane Keaton gathered old tiles and placed them in a mix-and-match pattern for the adjacent breakfast bar. Tall doors all through the house lead to a secluded back courtyard.

Image 10_Classical poolhouse_©Photographer Trevor Tondro


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