Open kitchens are not only becoming a trend in the modern lifestyle. They can be found in residential dwellings, commercial buildings, restaurants, hotels, and more. Open kitchens are so appealing that create an atmosphere of spaciousness and amplitude. Designers can play around with infinite possibilities for layout and composition; they can add versatile storage solutions to maximize space in either small or large areas. The concept of open kitchens ideas allows users to experience a new way to enjoy cooking and eating. Besides, open kitchens can allocate furniture and equipment from the top-notch brands in the world.

Scavolini: Inclusiveness and Accessibility | Open Kitchens ideas

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Evolution Kitchen_© Scavolini.

It’s the details that create the right atmosphere to make this open kitchen the place to enjoy the best moments of the day. This is the new spirit behind the Evolution model of the Scavolini Basic line designed by Vuesse.

Framed doors with a bold personality, urban style open front metal construction, open front metal wall cabinets, and aluminum framed wall cabinets with screened glass doors; all these elements add a pleasant technical touch to the heart of the home. 

Nolte Küchen: dream kitchens for every home

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Kitchen Ideas_

At first glance, no one would suspect this is a perfectly equipped open kitchen. The atmosphere of the living room spreads throughout the room, and you can relax at any time, not just during meals.

Nolte Küchen stands for quality, versatility, service, reliability, and continuity. Good is not enough for Nolte Küchen. Their goal is to be above average. The latter applies not only to the materials used but also to the concept, technology, and design. 

Pedini: architecture and design in the kitchen | Open Kitchens ideas

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CookEat Kitchen_

Today food represents more than ever, the “way” of made in Italy in terms of relationship, creativity, and talent made in Italy.

CookEat by Pedini will promote this precious link with the ‘itinerant’ project inspired by Francesco Tomassini. Tomassini has studied this product down to the smallest detail, bringing it to life on a well-equipped and adaptable island to create ‘Haute Cuisine’. Continuing the pursuit of the quality and beauty that has always characterized Pedini’s open kitchens, it is an opportunity to try new dishes with the utmost comfort and professionalism, wherever your home or kitchen events are shared. 

Poliform: where rationality and emotion meet

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Shape Kitchen. [Photography]© Poliform.
Shape is an open kitchen with a contemporary flair that combines the functionality of doors with handles and the elegant aesthetics of handleless cabinets. The handle profile is placed in the middle or side of the base cabinet and is designed as a continuous strip for taller cabinets.

The shape is complemented by elements and accessories designed to enhance the experience of those who use the kitchen on a daily basis: grow light unit, a light module with a glass showcase, and a moon breakfast bar with a rotating insert. Modern kitchen with carefully selected materials. 

Euromobil: timeless kitchen collections | Open Kitchens ideas

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Antis Kitchen_ ©Euromobil.

The archetype of the open kitchen of the best Italian traditions. Presenting a constant dialogue between the past and the future, it evokes sophisticated craftsmanship, the result of materials and the latest generation of technology, presented in an elegant and minimalist style. 100% Made in Italy. Deeply rooted in this value, Euromobil enjoys ties to the region that make up a non-repeatable system and considers product quality to be its primary concern. 

Poggenpohl: precision craftsmanship

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+Segmento Kitchen_ ©Poggenpohl.

A classic of modern elegance, +SEGMENTO’s open kitchen perfectly combines precise lines with superior functionality. Its linear design language guarantees a calm image, especially without handles. The design leaves room for personal interpretation, and depending on the choice of materials and colors, the result can either look strictly pure or downright luxurious.

At Poggenpohl, quality has a name rooted in carpentry. It’s the combination of hands-on experience and new methods that makes the difference. 

DOCA: innovation, elegance, quality

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Gregal Roble Natural Kitchen_©DOCA.

“Slop, slop, slop, …” is the sound of a slow-cooking stew from an old family recipe that has been around since lord knows when, it’s just that some kitchens invite you to cook in them. That’s what happens with the new “Gregal Roble Natural” open kitchen for the most nostalgic of us, for those who love fairy tales. Its design was created to fall in love with.

DOCA has more than forty years of experience, which is guaranteed enough for its commitment to customers and the furniture they make. 

Arclinea: kitchens that last | Open Kitchens ideas

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Italia Kitchen_© Arclinea.

Since its debut, Italia has adopted aesthetic and technical solutions typical of professional open kitchens, bringing their functionality and typical methods to the home before others.

Distinctive handles, the predominant use of steel, deep worktop with large cast iron hob and double sinks, suspended ventilation hood, and iconic double island layout. Italia has remained true to the original concept but has evolved over the years adding new technical details, higher-performance equipment, and more sophisticated finishes for maximum functional results. 

Dada: haute cuisine furniture

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Ratio Kitchen_ ©Dada.

Ratio, the iconic open kitchen designed by Vincent Van Duysen is now further enhanced with the introduction of some new interesting features.

Metal grids define the basic architecture, wall units, columns, hoods, and fittings. Full volumes, empty volumes, and slabs of varying thickness are hung over smooth, minimal techno/structural elements to create an elegant interplay of balance. 

Boffi: a taste of luxury | Open Kitchens ideas

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K Series Kitchen_

The K series meets the requirements of both functionality and aesthetics inspired by an informal way of living the home where space optimization is pivotal.

The K collection open kitchen is a constant stream of new, sophisticated possibilities. A minimal and comfortable opening and closing of the door of kitchen cabinets is ensured by a special section of the handle and an inward slope to the surface of the worktop. 

Vipp: a kitchen to last you a lifetime

Vipp Kitchen v1_
Vipp Kitchen v1_

A Vipp open kitchen is a modular concept. Think of it as building blocks. There are four types of modules; island, island with seating, wall, and tall modules. Each module can be built with predefined units of your choice. 

Since 1939, every new Vipp product has been born from the same dream; to manufacture long-lasting tools for everyday life. 

Zajc: unique handmade furniture 

Z5 Kitchen_
Z5 Kitchen_

Z5 kitchen is an open kitchen concept made of beige semi-matt lacquer combined with natural Lahti Nature Dusk veneer. The work surface uses Coriane with a thickness of 4 cm. The wall cabinet opens electrically – just a light touch on the front panel. A black oven, coffee maker, heating panel, dishwasher, and wine cooler perfectly complement the whole set. A hanging chamber in the sink and an excellent mixer tap complement the appliances. 

The Cut: timeless, Italian-made kitchen | Open Kitchens ideas

Nativia Kitchen_
Nativia Kitchen_

Nativia open kitchen by The Cut was born with this mission in mind: to encourage people to interact not only in the living room but also in the outdoor space to create an open environment. A project of elegant minimalism, with its simplicity, infinite flexibility, and boldness that is fully customizable, and always with the unique details and materials of The Cut kitchens.

The Cut interprets the requirements of this period in time, making flexibility and multi-functionality the foundation of its very nature, where the key element is dynamism. 

Bulthop: moments meet human essence

b1 Kitchen_
b1 Kitchen_

Many things in life can be made easier and better with intelligent minimization. The bulthaup b1 open kitchen follows this principle with its pure and ergonomic design. People can focus on what’s important in life. Fun for family and friends. The bulthaup b1 is structurally composed of separate elements.

Kitchen islands, wall lines, and tall cabinet blocks. Focusing on the essentials also means consciously using fewer, high-quality materials and carefully selected colors. The straight lines continue inside and everything forms an organic and complete whole. 

TEAM 7: pioneers of sustainable furniture

black line Kitchen_
black line Kitchen_

Elegant smoked glass, matt black colored glass combined with matt black handles and bases are elements of the elegant look of the black line open kitchen. Behind the cool elegance of the black surface lies solid wood, giving warmth and stability to your kitchen. 

Open and closed design elements made of solid wood add sophistication to your kitchen design. It helps create a more relaxed and cozy atmosphere. 

Endless possibilities | Open Kitchens ideas

From wood to steel, open kitchens are a style that becomes timeless, elegant, and sophisticated. The quality the top brands deliver reflects superior work to provide a memorable experience. Small or large, designers can iterate with endless possibilities to create functional yet aesthetic open kitchens in different contexts and building typologies. Whether modern, classic, ethnic, or any other style, kitchens are the core of human interaction, where the art of cooking blends with the art of sharing experiences.

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