As 2022 draws closer in days, designers and firms have started planning what will trend in the New Year. To comprehend recent happenings, this design trends list aims to let you in on the trends that will likely impact your work, creative process, and output for the coming year. These design trends are drawn from a varying number of fields in the architecture sphere such as presentations, interior designs, materials, and architectural styles. 2022 design trends, peek to be more sensory, and diverse with a touch of emotional satisfaction as space is experienced. Curated below are design trends that concern architectural students, practices, and the community as a whole.

1. Slide Decks

This trend will continue to gain momentum because it accords multiple layers of information about a subject to be contained in one space. These are step-by-step presentations, useful for educating, entertaining, giving knowledge tips, and for guideline purposes. These decks are increasingly popular as they deliver messages in a concise and simple format using visual effects of graphics, fonts, and shapes to tell a story or summarize an article or project. Firms should take advantage of these slide decks to engage and build a community using imagery, audio, and videos.

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2. Flexible Spaces  

Single-use spaces are diminishing in value, with the yearning for openness and flexibility of spaces, designers are having to make use of every nook and cranny to increase space optimization and efficiency. As the future of work and home is blurring, so should the space environment be open and recreated to serve different functions and purposes.

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3. Sustainability Design approach

With a greater emphasis on sustainability, clients are being made aware to spot greenwashing and so designers will need to do more than adding green to buildings as clichés or for visual aesthetics but present designs that will move to show a radically new approach for sustainability and space optimization.

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4. Neutral Color palette

Courtesy of the pandemic, people are and will still spend more time working from home, and this, in turn, will cause the tone and ambiance of spaces to have a natural fill of subtle colours: white, ivory, green, beige, and taupe. Accent colors or textures or patterns can be incorporated into the natural color palette for a calm, warm or relaxed environment to open up on endless possibilities.

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5. Smart and Multi-functional Furniture

As more people increasingly work from home, the desire for furniture to adapt to a varying number of uses multiplied from leisure spaces to multiple desired needs. The design trends in furniture making are extremely recommended for small floor space or space with minimal outlook and technological function. 

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6. Renovation and Remodeling

The conversation to reduce waste during construction is a design trend that will continue in 2022. Renovation as opposed to rebuilding from scratch has a relatively low economic cost. 

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7. Natural Plants

In bridging the gap from indoor to outdoor an essential component to use is to buy plants or cultivate home gardens. This is a trend that would continue for a long while as more time might be spent indoors. The incorporation of the outdoors to the indoors can be seen from the commercial to the residential industry. The use of plants could be in varying forms but essentially, they help aid indoor air quality, balance space, and increase productivity. 

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8. Organic Materials

Natural materials will be popular in the coming year not for their color but more for the character that is associated with them. As sustainability trends and will be in the coming years. These natural materials will serve as vintage collections in spaces as they will be relished for their functionality, detail, and character.

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9. Test of New Construction Methods

Experimentation with materials like earth, plant-based, or animal-based materials will be on the increase and 2022 holds a lot-in-stock of how these materials will be developed, scaled widely, and create a waste-free elimination in the construction phase. These new construction methods rediscovered or engineered will lead to unique design styles.

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10. Kitchen Aesthetics

Kitchen designs continue to undergo alterations, changes, or overturns and 2022 doesn’t disappoint in this regard. The design trends for closed kitchens are making a comeback and so the kitchen and the entertainment space will consequently be distinguished, but more than that backsplash, cabinetry, islands, preference to floating shelves and inbuilt appliances are in increasing demand as trends for 2022. These Kitchen trends will give a sleek and detailed form to the kitchen overall aesthetics.

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Victory Udoh-King is an Architecture creative by profession. She is interested in the built environment, and also in the becoming of an architect best suited for the challenges arising from an evolving world. She loves contemporary jazz and architecture shows.

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