For more than a century, Leigh & Orange (L&O), founded in 1874 in Hong Kong, China, has thrived as a significant magnum opus in the markets. The firm takes pride in balancing knowledge and innovation, having extensive experience in a wide range of buildings. The firm has mastered all types of projects over time. Commercial and retail developments, theme parks, recreational and hospitality facilities, medical, laboratory, and health services buildings, business parks, computer and digital technology centres, sports, private residences, transportation facilities and infrastructure, education buildings, interiors, and master-planning schemes are all part of the firm’s extensive portfolio.

1. Morpheus Hotel, Macau

Located in Cotai, Macau, the development establishes itself as a premier leisure and entertainment complex integrated with international dining, hotel accommodations, a wide variety of entertainment features, and high-end retail facilities. 

Leigh & Orange Limited- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet1
Morpheus Hotel_©ArchDaily
Leigh & Orange Limited- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet2
The Rooftop pool and Night view_©Leigh & Orange

Three holes punctuate the geometric facade. The building is the “world’s first free-form high-rise exoskeleton”. (ZHA,2018)

Leigh & Orange Limited- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet3
The Geometric Facade with punctures_©Ivan Dupont

2. Studio City, Macau

Studio City is a very unique and interesting hotel and casino resort in Cotai, Macau. It is the first of its kind in Asia with a Hollywood theme that integrates television and film production facilities, retail, gaming, and hotels. Studio City’s stunning Art-Deco design facade inspired by two asteroids shooting through a Gotham City building features the iconic Golden Reel, the world’s first and Asia’s highest figure-8 Ferris wheel. The towers are called Star Tower and Celebrity Tower. 

Leigh & Orange Limited- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet4
Studio City Art-Deco inspired facade_ ©Leigh & Orange
Leigh & Orange Limited- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet5
The figure-8 Ferris Wheel_ ©Leigh & Orange

The resort includes a 5,000-seat multi-purpose entertainment center designed to host live concerts, theatrical and sporting events; and a TV Studio for reality and game-show productions. It also includes a multi-theatre magic complex to showcase the best of illusion arts and a Batman-themed 4D flight simulation ride together with a 40,000sqft Family Entertainment Centre filled with the characters from Warner Bros’ DC Comics, Looney Tunes entertainment franchise, and play-rides for kids.

Leigh & Orange Limited- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet6
Entertainment Zone_©Leigh & Orange

3. Hefei No. 45 Middle School Fu Rong Campus, Hefei, China

Hefei No.45 Middle School Fu Rong Campus is located southwest of Raycom City, Hefei, China. To deviate from the conventional examination-oriented education mode, the design team brought in more interaction and communication so that students can enjoy the real essence of school life. A central spine goes through the building which contains not only circulation space but a lot of multifunction rooms, providing opportunities for students to exchange, communicate and explore. 

Leigh & Orange Limited- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet7
Hefei No. 45 Middle School Fu Rong Campus_©Leigh & Orange
Leigh & Orange Limited- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet8
Internal Spine for circulation_©Leigh & Orange

The concept of greens is used as a key element in the design. Besides sustainable building design and technologies, student farms and mini meteorological stations have been proposed that would enhance students’ awareness of environmental protection through hands-on learning.

Leigh & Orange Limited- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet9
Sustainable Design_©Leigh & Orange

4. New Macau Central Library, Macau

Designed for the Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macau SAR Government, The New Macau Central Library is located adjacent to Tap Seac Square in Macau. It will complement the existing Macau Central Library with a vast range of additional facilities, including the main library space, study zones, meeting rooms, and communal reading areas. The interesting lattice design of the façade takes inspiration from the simple bookshelves and acts as a shading element and light filter for the building.

Leigh & Orange Limited- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet10
Library Facade_©Leigh & Orange
Leigh & Orange Limited- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet11
Library Facade_©Leigh & Orange

Within the library, a large atrium invites visitors inside and allows them to orient themselves to the activities within and makes them move upwards through the library offering unique views out to the mountain and the Tap Seac Square. Leigh &Orange will act as the Executive Architect and Executive Interior Designer for this project.

Leigh & Orange Limited- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet12
Looking inside the library_©Leigh & Orange

5. Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, City University, Hong Kong

Leigh & Orange Limited- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet13
Exterior Facade_©Leigh & Orange

Completed in 2011 by Leigh & Orange Limited, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre is an academic building located on the Tat Hong Avenue, City University of  Hong Kong campus. 

The crystal-shaped building with strikingly sharp and bold form creates an inspiring environment for creativity through an array of spaces rich in form, light, and material. The facilities at the building include a multi-purpose theatre, classrooms, sound stage labs, cafes and restaurants, numerous exhibition spaces, and landscaped gardens.

Leigh & Orange Limited- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet14
Section through the building_©Leigh & Orange

The design follows passive design techniques and simple construction methods to uplift its sustainability performance. A limited number of punch hole windows contribute to the lowest embodied energy achievable.

Leigh & Orange Limited- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet15
Run Run Shaw Centre Entrance_©Wikipedia Commons

6. Kai Tak Sports Park, Kai Tak, Hong Kong

Kai Tak Sports Park is a world-class sports facility in Hong Kong spanning 28 hectares and now has a new stadium with a retractable roof with a capacity to hold 50,000 people. It also features outdoor ball courts, open lawn areas, children’s play areas, fitness stations, and more.

Leigh & Orange Limited- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet16
Kai Tak Sports Park_©Kai Tak Sports Park Limited
Leigh & Orange Limited- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet17
A wide array of amenities at the Kai Tak Sports Park_©Kai Tak Sports Park Limited

Leigh & Orange (L&O) led a multi-discipline technical service for this mega project through the development of the reference design, resolution of technical issues, as well as assisting in the worldwide tendering process.

Leigh & Orange Limited- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet18
Main Plaza_©Kai Tak Sports Park Limited

Meanwhile, the Indoor Sports Center will provide a large multi-purpose space to host major competitions or events for up to 10,000 people and accommodate sports courts for community use. A Public Sports Ground having a seating capacity of 5,000 will also be provided for hosting athletic events, athletic training, and local league games.

Leigh & Orange Limited- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet19
Main Stadium_©Kai Tak Sports Park Limited
Leigh & Orange Limited- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet20
Harbourfront Promenade with Dining Cove_©Kai Tak Sports Park Limited

7. The Extension of People’s Hospital of Futian, Shenzhen, China

Envisaged as a hospital within a park, the extension of The People’s Hospital of Futian in Shenzhen, China, integrates a world-class hospital, medical research, and its surrounding community in an urban park environment. The existing hospital will be extended and renovated with a total GFA of 138,945 sq.m. and minimum 1000 beds.

vLeigh & Orange Limited- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet21
Aerial View showing the minimal building footprint to increase green area_©

The overall development comprises of three major portions: an existing 23-story Surgery and Outpatient Building, a new 44-story International Medical Centre, and a new 22-story International Medical Exchange Centre. These portions are arranged along a narrow site from north to south. The open greens of the landscape serve as a public space and also, helps in way-finding for the patient and visitors.

Leigh & Orange Limited- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet22
A void in the building form to maintain visual connectivity _©

The design is done taking into consideration the warm and humid climate of southern China. Building mass facing the east-west direction is minimized to reduce the solar heat gain. Double-skin facade helps in controlling the daylight with manually operable louver panels and various densities in response to different orientations.

Leigh & Orange Limited- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet23
Connected to nature from the inside_©

8. The House of Dancing Water Theatre Foyer, Cotai, Macau

The House of Dancing Water Theatre Foyer is housed in the 2,000-seat Dancing Water Theatre. It is a must-see experience in Macau and is known for its state-of-the-art stage design and cutting-edge technology.

Leigh & Orange Limited- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet24
City of Dreams Dancing Water_©Leigh & Orange

The Interior Design Consultant for the Theater Foyer was Leigh & Orange. The Pre-show area of around 1,150 sq.m. comprises a series of spaces including theatre box office, concession area, and theater retail to enhance the guest experience. The contemporary design acts as the passage between the outside world and the mystical theater. Integrated special effects have been used to enhance the spectators’ experience of their theatre visit.

Leigh & Orange Limited- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet25
Theatre Box office_©Leigh & Orange
Leigh & Orange Limited- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet26
Passages with contemporary design_©Leigh & Orange

9. Wanshi Road Station TOD Integrated Design, Chengdu, China

The Wanshi Road Station TOD Integrated Design is located on the north of the Maopi River in Xindu District, Chengdu. It is the fourth phase of the metro construction planning line 27. The design strategy for the complex mix-used program is to build vertically three-dimensional from ground to underground space improving land use efficiency.

Leigh & Orange Limited- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet2
Metrol Line 27 TOD_©Leigh & Orange

The design creates a low-density community life circle responsive to Chengdu’s slow lifestyle and provides a convenient neighborhood. A Neighborhood axis and a Commercial axis are created in order to connect different functional spaces rationally. 

Leigh & Orange Limited- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet28
Low density on ground leading to more greens_©Leigh & Orange

Respecting the urban form, the buildings are arranged in such a way as to maximize the scenic view of the south. To balance the bustling TOD development, the low-density enclosed layout design brings a green, ecological, healthy community with a high-quality lifestyle.

Leigh & Orange Limited- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet29
The development lies closeby the Maopi river_©Leigh & Orange

10. Qianhai CTF Financial Tower, Shenzhen, China

Located in the Qianhai area of Shenzhen city, the ongoing mixed-use development features two office towers – one 220 m tall landmark office on the north and another 130m tall headquarters office on the south, with lofts studios, retail shops, F&B, green terraces, exhibition area, and community facilities. 

Leigh & Orange Limited- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet30
The Landmark Office Tower & the Headquaters Office Tower_©Leigh & Orange

Following the “Park in the Valley” theme, the design creates dynamic layers of green terraces along the two sides of the central podium valley where these organic balconies are allowed to grow up to the office tower above, creating a unique and yet iconic public landmark in the area.

Leigh & Orange Limited- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet31
Park in the valley theme through green terraces_©Leigh & Orange

This project redefines values for commercial space design by fusing art and nature with retail space and transforming traditional shopping malls into stages, galleries and gardens. The design includes creative office spaces which encourage communication and sharing in the workplace. It also includes lofts, a conference center, and a clubhouse for office users. 

Leigh & Orange Limited- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet32
Ongoing construction of the towers_©Leigh & Orange

11. Yongan Guofu HZ-WJ Corporate Headquarters, Hangzhou, China

Yongan Guofu HZ-WJ Corporate Headquarters is located within the core zone of the district master plan of Hangzhou, on the major green axis. The design vision is to refine the site characteristics and develop a solution for this headquarters on the green belt. With a view that draws the surrounding landscape features into the architecture, the building block has been elevated on stilts, making the ground space free for the public.

Leigh & Orange Limited- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet33
The amalgamation of greens with the building_©Leigh & Orange

A central atrium space has been created through all floors connecting the green axis on the ground and the gardens on the roof. Along with lighting up the long-span office space, it also promotes communication and interaction between different departments. All in all, the architecture is the opposite of a conventional workspace –  demonstrating how the workspace can be more livable.

Leigh & Orange Limited- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet34
The Central Atrium_©Leigh & Orange
Leigh & Orange Limited- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet35
The Central Atrium_©Leigh & Orange

12. Nanjing G114 Mixed-Use Development, Nanjing, China

The Nanjing G114 Mixed-Use Development project is located in the Jiangning District of Nanjing spanning an area of 63,489 sqm. The development includes residences; commercial space, a community center, and a kindergarten.

Leigh & Orange Limited- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet36
The Mixed-Use Development from the adjacent street_©Leigh&Orange

The site is divided into three zones with three main internal retail streets leading to a central plaza. A three-story shopping mall is also provided in the east. There is an elevated bridge entrance which helps to draw visitors directly from the station to the main shopping area. The four sides of the sites vary in terms of levels, creating multiple entrances to the development, which in turn increases the shop frontage and overall footfall.

Leigh & Orange Limited- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet37
North and South residential towers_©Leigh&Orange

The residential areas are separated to give privacy by the central plaza. They are divided into two zones, North and South having two residential towers and five residential towers, respectively. The design approach is to form a harmonious entity.

Leigh & Orange Limited- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet38
Alternating balconies for privacy_©Leigh&Orange

13. Metro Line 5 Erjiangsi Station TOD Project, Chengdu, China

Chengdu, a city in China is undergoing extensive transit development. It has the fourth longest metro line mileage in China. Considering Leigh & Orange’s expansive experience in TOD projects, Chengdu Metro City Development Group invited L&O to develop an integrated TOD design for the Erjiangsi station of metro Line 5. 

Leigh & Orange Limited- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet39
An expansive TOD Development in Chengdu_©Leigh&Orange

Located at the junction of Jiannan Road and Chuangshun Road, the project covers 28,154 sq.m. of site area, having a building height limit of 100m and a total gross floor area of 59,718 sq.m. It also has 4 blocks of 50,834 sq.m. residential high-rise.

Leigh & Orange Limited- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet40
Public Gathering Space & Activity Zone_©Leigh&Orange

The area where this development is located is hugely populated, making the provision of public gathering space a big challenge. The development will serve as a district center en route to those communities to and fro from the metro stations making it a place for public, social, and community activities. 

Leigh & Orange Limited- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet41
Provision of different mediums for the people to interact with_©Leigh&Orange

14. Qianhai NCL Headquarters, Shenzhen, China

The NCL Headquarters is located in the Guiwan District of the Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Cooperation Zone. The office tower sits on stilts over a garden which not only creates a healthy and happening environment for the office but also promotes interaction with the public. For the office space design, an end-core layout has been adopted. On one hand, it helps to block unsought views. On the other hand, it maximizes the office span on the north, west, and south sides where the people can enjoy stunning views of the sea.

Leigh & Orange Limited- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet42
Sky gardens with workspaces facing the sea_©Leigh&Orange

In addition, terraces at the north and south elevations and internal sky gardens on every 2 to 3 floors on the west side have been integrated, these not only promote a green working environment, but also allow more layout flexibility for future expansion and market adaptability.

Green Terrace_©Leigh&Orange

The façade design is made climate responsive. The glass panes on the west elevation together with the help of vertical shading fins have been rotated toward the north by 15 degrees, to maximize sea views while minimizing the solar heat gain of the hot summer sun.

Leigh & Orange Limited- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet44
The Entrance to the Office Block_©Leigh&Orange

15. Jockey Club i-Village, HKUST, The Hong Kong University of    Science & Technology, Hong Kong

Designed by Leigh & Orange and Zaha Hadid Architects, the university’s new halls of residence will house over 1,500 students. These residences are located on a steeply sloping site having approximately 25m level difference. The primary circulation is designed through roofs by connecting them with walkways which include shaded areas for students and staff to rest and gather together, helping in creating stronger cross-campus culture. 

Leigh & Orange Limited- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet45
The buildings lie on steep terrain of the campus_©Leigh&Orange

Following a hexagonal configuration, the halls have been organized in a manner that they create four courtyards. All the rooms face open spaces, approximately 35,500sqm of accommodation includes communal areas for living, learning, recreation, and leisure. They are arranged in three clusters that combine communal spaces with single or double occupancy bedrooms, enabling around 18 to 36 students to share one apartment as a single ‘household’ that encourages a sense of cohesion.

Leigh & Orange Limited- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet46
The circulation has been connected at terrace level_©Leigh&Orange
Interactive student zones_©Leigh&Orange

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