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Pininfarina’s division of architecture has a profound relationship with the company’s past. The legacy of Pininfarina is to execute projects by amalgamating complexity and beauty. This distinctive and highly specialised experience is gathered in over 90 years with the production of some of the most iconic vehicles in history and has become an amplifier of its core values of simplicity and objective beauty by serving society with architecture.

Their prime objective is to satisfy the need of the client and implementation of the latest technologies and processes that can include parametric design to attain greater sustainability and a lesser footprint. They like to reimagine the future with a revolutionary mindset by pushing architecture beyond its current boundaries. The authenticity and recognisable character of their brand are visible in the new paradigms we use in designing spaces and their content in public and residential projects.

1. Pasqualotto Yachthouse | Pininfarina

Client: Pasqualotto
Location: Balneário Camboriú,Santa Catarina,BR
Year: 2014

The structure of the building consists of two towers and the base drawing inspiration from the triangular piece of land where the towers are located. This triangular-shaped base was envisioned as the keel of a yacht, ready to dive into the sea; the concept has both an aesthetic and a functional purpose. Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of Pininfarina Group, states that ”In Pasqualotto, we have found a perfect partner to give life to projects able to set a new standard in architecture in Brazil.”

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2. Pininfarina Home Design

Client: Pasqualotto
Location: Cambiano,IT
Year: 2016

It introduces a new concept of a flexible door and Morfeus, which displays a collection dedicated to high-tech sleep systems. Pininfarina Home Design embodies Pininfarina’s vision of interior space, which takes tangible form in a furniture collection, and proposes for the different rooms of a home to create a sophisticated and innovative style. Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of Pininfarina Group, states that “Pininfarina Home Design represents a journey in exploring new scenarios. “

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3. Cyrela

Client: Cyrela
Location: São Paulo, BR
Launched the first residential tower design by Pininfarina.

The project has been realised by one of the leading developers in Brazil, Cyrela. It is built on an area of 2.050m² and is an innovative creation by a Brazilian company in recent years. It is inspired by curves and shapes that portray movement and dynamism, which is one of the prime characteristics of a major metropolis.


IF Design Award 2016

International Architecture Award 2019

The project presents an architectural symmetry, and the use of metal structures allows the project to gain curves that seem to be sculpted by the wind.

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4. Juventus Stadium

Client: Juventus
Location: Turin, IT
Year: 2011

The new Juventus stadium would serve the purpose of not just people watching football but also as a meeting and recreation center, to be enjoyed seven days a week, which resulted in an innovative style that is an icon of the city of Turin.

Awards: Innovation Award Stadium

The designers have conceived a solution that links the present and the future, keeping alive the architectural memory of the former stadium. It is the first private stadium to be built in Italy for a team with a huge fan base.

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5. Beachwalk | Pininfarina

Client: The Related Group
Location: Hallandale Beach, USA

Beachwalk is a high-end real estate project that will rise in Hallandale Beach, South Florida. Beachwalk creates a balance between the modernity of the design and the ability to be integrated perfectly into the natural environment in which it will be placed. The Pininfarina style is perfectly recognisable both in the dynamic elegance of the shapes and in the use of the materials. Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of Pininfarina Group, states that “Beachwalk is a new statement of Pininfarina in America.”

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6. Ferra

Client: Far East Organization
Location: Singapore
Year: 2013

Ferra is a 104-unit residential tower, around 102 meters high, creating an exclusive building distinguished by a strong coherence of language in all its parts.

Awards: Object Of Desire 2013 Award

The ambivalence is created by the contrast created by the “warm” use of wood for the balconies and the sky terraces and the “cold” use of innovative technical material for the external covering. Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of Pininfarina Group, states that “We are very proud to have identified a specific expressive language and a strong aesthetic personality for Ferra’s project while, at the same time, being able to insert it harmoniously in the architectural contest of Singapore.”

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7. Pasqualotto Vitra

Client: Pasqualotto
Location: Balneário Camboriú,Santa Catarina,BR
Year: 2014

Vitra is a commercial and residential project located in the area of Balneário Camboriú in Santa Catarina, Brazil, by developer Construtora Pasqualotto&GT.


American Architecture Award 2015

German Design Award 2017

The residential skyscraper features 43 floors and 75 apartment units. The design allows the spectacular view to its residents using a brise-soleil system that, beyond having an aesthetic value, has an important functional role, allowing the sea breeze to flow through.

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8. Hines Proximo 

Client: Hines
Location: Warsaw

The building comprises 28,385 square metres in total and is situated in a developing part of Warsaw, offering tenants best-in-class office space. The contrast is emphasised by the combination of modern shiny materials with classical ones, like wood and leather. Proximo is certified by BREEAM, the world’s foremost environmental assessment method and rating system for sustainable buildings.

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9. Bobic@Marmor

Client: Bobic@Marmor
Location: Monaco yacht show

The prime goal is the collaboration of Bobič Yacht Interior and Marmor Hotavlje. The noble elegance of the stone crafted by Marmor Hotavlje welcomes through the entrance, and the skilful use of wood by Bobič seems to lure them to proceed the journey. One is led to the centre of the space by the fluidity of the walls that leads naturally to where we will find the heart: a sculptural desk made of stone and wood.




10. Cyrela Porto Alegre | Pininfarina

Client: Cyrela Brazil Realty
Location: Porto Alegra, BR

Cyrela Brazil Realty is a 17-story, luxury residential tower. In addition to the abundance of green space within the neighborhood’s squares, the streets of Bela Vista’s Porto Alegre community are lined with towering trees, great for walks, for dogs to stroll, and for families to enjoy clean, fresh air amid the dense, urban landscape.

“Using an intricate, layered system composed of sky villas, each framed balcony allows residents to enjoy a fully personalized, open-air domestic retreat. Says Samuele Sordi, Chief Architect at Pininfarina of America.




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Sriya Mitra is a student of architecture from Kolkata with a strong interest in journalism. Apart from being a student, she is a fencer which allows her to travel to new places and explore more.