Studio HAUS was founded in 2012 by Kunaal Kyhaan Seolekar, whose multi-faceted design practice is motivated by his skills as an actor and architect; it has developed into a state-of-the-art studio and workshop that brings together a worldwide debate on India’s rich cultural legacy. The practise is driven by research and development, and they believe in investing in talent and devoting the time necessary to bring outstanding ideas to life content, cutting-edge technology, and creative solutions to assist them in telling their story.StudioHAUS has always prioritised luxury, and its portfolio includes collaboration with Oxford Group, which offers some of India’s most exclusive resorts, private houses, and boutique retail ideas. Here are some of the projects of Studio HAUS that could inspire you.

1. Courtyardhaus

The CourtyardHaus is a modern 7000 sq ft mansion with some contemporary Indian architectural characteristics such as a stepwell and courtyard, as well as an amazing mix of

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The Courtyardhaus exterior_©StudioHAUS

All of the materials, which complete the modern Indian aesthetic of the interior idea, were gathered on architects’ trips to distant corners of the country. Individual family members’ interests have been reinterpreted to produce an atmosphere that is artistically advanced while being uncomplicated for everyday living. A big rock as the dining table, copper tiles in the kitchen, and gradient hued glass closets are just a few of the interior design’s dramatic elements. This design is surely a head-turner.

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The Courtyardhaus dining area_©StudioHAUS
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The Courtyardhaus bedroom_©StudioHAUS

2. Florida Riverbank Clubhouse

This clubhouse is a sleek, well-lit open area inspired by industrial New York lofts. To appeal to the youthful residents of the Florida Riverbank development, the social area has bursts of primary colours, statement furniture pieces, and artworks such as The New Yorker’s previous issue prints.

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Florida Riverbank Clubhouse_©StudioHAUS

The exterior is an artistic re-imagination of a large game of building blocks in action, with two 20-foot shipping containers straddling the modern glass and concrete edifice. The oriental blue containers protrude from the glass box, with a trendy charcoal black apartment complex in the backdrop. A golden chocolate slab door captures the light and guides the gathering into the creative hideaway.

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Florida Riverbank Clubhouse_©StudioHAUS
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Florida Riverbank Clubhouse interior_©StudioHAUS

3. 1 Earth Living

The 1 Earth living project is an interior design for a showcase unit in the Florida River Bank apartment complex. The architect mentions that it was an experiment in collecting design components that were in tune with the project’s natural surroundings.

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1 Earth Living_©StudioHAUS

The property, located on the banks of a river and surrounded by vigorous crops, provides a natural habitat for various birds and local vegetation. As a result, nature played an important part in the development’s planning and conceptualization. Special care was taken to strike a precise balance between current design aesthetics and compatibility with the environment. The living rooms are outfitted with a neutral palette of materials in concrete grey and birch, providing a blank canvas for personalization. A brick textured wallpaper adds warmth, while handcrafted puzzle carpets, neon signage, and bursts of colour offer pops of vibrancy.

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1 Earth Living_©StudioHAUS
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1 Earth Living_©StudioHAUS

4. Parkhaus

ParkHAUS, a 7000 sq. ft. A modern open plan home was created with a modern vision in mind. Bespoke luxury takes on a whole new meaning here, represented in every aspect through the design idea and construction elements. The living areas are undivided with opportunities for extension and enjoyment thanks to a rectangular floor plate and full-length glass on both sides. The lush, tropical nature is integrated inside the house, providing a panoramic view of the flora and monsoon, two of Pune’s true beauties.

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Kunaal Kyhaan’s sculptural furniture for his design firm KOY creates a dramatic interaction between the white walls and bejewelled seamless terrazzo flooring. The energies linked with the semi-precious stones hand-placed in the white concrete of the floor cosmically energise various regions of the house. The kitchen island is a sculptural combination of “living edged” wood and stainless steel set against a meat-like patterned marble.

10 projects by Studio HAUS - Sheet11

The basement is a light-filled space with natural light streaming in from above via the glass walkway. The home is infused with cosmic energy thanks to a Terrazzo floor made up of semi-precious stones such as quartz, jasper, and aventurine that are individually handset into the cement.

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5. O Hotel Goa

O Hotel Goa is a tranquil beach getaway near Candolim Beach (450 m) in North Goa, overlooking the Arabian Sea and surrounded by beautiful foliage of swaying palms.

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The O Hotel Suite_©StudioHAUS

The elegant Indo-Portuguese architecture of this 5-star resort promises to soak in a space that demonstrates the essence of Goa with its colonial Portuguese and Indian mixture of cultures mirrored in the diverse furniture and interior decoration, creating a fantastic backdrop for the whole user experience with high ceilings with stone pillars, larger-than-life chandeliers in The Goan Portuguese restaurant or at the seaside pool bar. This resort is both aesthetically pleasing and spiritually uplifting.

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The O Hotel Bar_©StudioHAUS

6. Scent Sutra

A scent is a potent medium for evoking a wide range of emotions and capturing one’s imagination, a world that may transcend everyday life experiences. Scent Sutra, India’s first multi-brand retail boutique providing creative fragrances, aspires to bring such interactions to life. 

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Scent Sutra_©StudioHAUS

It is a doorway into the world of artistic fragrance, representing companies that embody exquisite craftsmanship, refined quality, and creative excellence, conjuring eternal memories. The shop was designed by Kunaal Seolekar, Founder of Studio Haus, who envisioned a modern look with a subtly palette of materials and openness in the design to capture the objective of the business. The in-store experience has been developed to let clients discover diverse olfactory families, and the company’s fragrance professionals assist them in selecting the ideal scent based on their likes and preferences.

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Scent Sutra_©StudioHAUS
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Scent Sutra_©StudioHAUS

7. PentHaus Mumbai

This Mumbai house is a magnificent dance of flowing lines and accent pieces that function in perfect rhythm, infused to life under the attentive eye of StudioHAUS. Architect and designer of the firm, Kunaal explains, “For me, design has always been a way of life. My adolescence opened doors to the aspect of art being constructed as a useful story”.

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Warm wood, rough fossil stone, and granite define the varied places in each bedroom, telling a different tale with materials. The home expresses itself via materiality, frequently contrasting and combining materials and textures and creating bespoke pieces of furniture and design. They utilised mirrors attractively around the area to refract light and reflect the space to give it a more spacious feel.

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8. O Hotel Pune

10 projects by Studio HAUS - Sheet22
The O Hotel Pune_©StudioHAUS
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The O Hotel Pune_©StudioHAUS

The O Hotel at Pune is stylish with a sophisticated elegance that appeals to all senses via design, colours, lighting, art, and music. Les Harbottle, a famous South African interior designer, collaborated with StudioHAUS and designed the distinctive, bright interiors. It has a pool, a fitness centre, and a rooftop restaurant. Hotel O’s enormous rooms have floor-to-ceiling windows, oak floors, and a free-standing spa bathtub.

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The O Hotel Pune_©StudioHAUS

9. 6 Prabhat

This project, located in Pune near Deccan Gymkhana, is currently under development, with possession anticipated on June 12. Swimming Pool, Power Backup, 24 X 7 Security, and Jogging Track are some of the amenities available at 6 Prabhat with Others. It is conveniently located near key Pune neighbourhoods, as well as prominent schools and hospitals.

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6 Prabhat_©StudioHAUS

The flooring is lined with wooden flooring, exuding grandeur and a royal feel. The windows are full length offering magnificent views. The scenic landscape is greeted inwards. The interior colour palette mainly comprises neutrals which are contrasted with the furniture.

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6 Prabhat_©StudioHAUS
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6 Prabhat_©StudioHAUS

10. Florida watercolour

Florida Watercolor, as the name implies, is an architectural homage to a colourful existence. It’s a celebration of art, design, comfort, and life in general. The grounds of Florida Watercolor are intended to exude a feeling of lightness and carefreeness. The project, on the other hand, is built on a solid foundation of good design, ethical building processes, and green ideals.

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1earth Florida atercolour_©StudioHAUS

Apartments here range in size from 858 to 1086 square feet and are intended to support all types of family living. Florida Watercolor is imagined as a green and lively utopia by the river, complete with all the conveniences and trappings that contemporary technology provides.

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1earth Florida Watercolour_©StudioHAUS
1earth Florida Watercolour_©StudioHAUS


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