The initial idea of making this space was to make a multipurpose lounging area. The clients brief wanted the space to reflect their dynamic lifestyle and their love for technological advancements. The space is made to be a quiet place for relaxation and serenity in the day and as a lounge space with automated mood lights in the night. The glass panels are tessellated in a way that there is never direct sun glare on the user’s face whether they are sitting or standing all throughout the space making it the perfect serene reading or relaxation space along with ample amount of light and vision.

Third Award | DAF 2016 Awards

Category: Residential (Built)

Participant  Name: Hiloni Sutaria Chudgar

Team Members:  Rohan Mishra, Tanya Makkar, Naveen Pahal, Payal Rastogi

Country: India

Symbiotic Parasite By Hsc Designs
Symbiotic Parasite (1)

The mathematical calculation to factor in the sun shading and context around the site makes it the perfect technologically advanced haven of the clients to which they can relate their personalities and their choices.

Symbiotic Parasite By Hsc Designs
Symbiotic Parasite (2)
Symbiotic Parasite By Hsc Designs
Symbiotic Parasite (3)

The interiors of the space also has a Table designed (Copyright pending) specially for their daily use which has 360 degree rotating sitting and standing table tops. The couple believe in a healthy living which the standing desk promotes helping them have that option for their long sitting hour jobs.

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