Little Green café by Made in Earth

The Little Green Cafe is thoughtfully designed and hand crafted to reflect the values that the team at Green Theory bring to their plate; health, ecology and authenticity. Additionally, we have introduced a passive air cooling system as an alternative to air conditioning, that consumes just one tenth of the energy, a one of its kind for our city!

© Made in Earth

Architect: Made in Earth
Location: Bangalore

The Little Green Cafe is located on museum road, in the heart of Bangalore City. This sister cafe of ‘The Green Theory’ was imagined like an urban oasis, an atmosphere to calm and soothe, where the use of natural materials in their most honest of expressions could come together.

© Made in Earth

All the walls of the cafe are finished with natural plasters in a tadelakt finish, made of lime, clay and pigments and textured with fine stone dust. These artisanal lime plasters have been polished by hand with soap water to achieve a smooth finish. The deep grey on the ceiling is a chemical free natural grey clay paint.

© Made in Earth

Large expanses of the metal windows customized for the cafe bring in natural light; and together with planters on either side we hope to create an atmosphere that is closer to nature in our big bustling city.

Each piece of wood in the interior of the cafe has a story to tell. Antique printers shelves are crafted into a discrete service door.

© Made in Earth

Old teak wood has been upcycled and given a new expression as the shelves, the furniture, as well as the ceiling outside. Cane weaving has been used for shutters as well as the chairs.

Mixed wood in a herringbone pattern is makes up half of the cafe flooring in hardwood.

The rest of the flooring towards the counter is polished local black kadappa stone, with the intricate art of brass inlay. The artisan allows for deep, thin grooves while laying the stone. Fine wires of brass are placed in the grooves and hammered into position. The inlaid wires sit flush with the surface of the stone. Finishing is done by buffing, care being taken not to scratch the flooring.

© Made in Earth

The use of polished brass extends to our tables, customized specially with indian marble tops, with teak wood detailing for that luxurious feel.

And the little sky of stars above are vintage lampshades from another era! A special attention has been taken to keep the energy consumption of the cafe to a minimum. All the LED bulbs add up to the consumption of just one bulb of sixty watts!

© Made in Earth

Additionally, we have introduced a passive air cooling system as an alternative to air conditioning, a one of its kind for our city that consumes just one tenth of the energy!

© Made in Earth

Each material in its natural form, with as minimum transformation as possible, come together to give a comfortable, healthy, and uniquely handcrafted surrounding.

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