‘The will was to create a luxurious and elegant yet simple and modernised jewellery boutique . The golden stitch, which runs longwise the wall and the ceiling, creates two geometrically perfect curves which are evenly linked with one another.

Studio Name: Nikos Adrianopoulos Architecture & Lighting
Design Team: Nikos Adrianopoulos, Ilektra Pouraki
Area: Attica
Year: 2022
Location: Stadiou 3 Athens 10562
Photography credits : Fotis Serfas

Imanoglou Jewellery Store by Nikos Adrianopoulos Architecture & Lighting - Sheet4
©Fotis Serfas

This detail creates a peaceful aura promoting clean lines and shapes as it gives the impression that the space is perfectly divided in two equal halves. Deep emerald green and charred wood, complement each other, producing a concurrent gradation of light and color.

Imanoglou Jewellery Store by Nikos Adrianopoulos Architecture & Lighting - Sheet6
©Fotis Serfas

The wooden jewelry counter made of aged walnut which is formed in clear geometric lines, stands in stark contrast with the unique hardwood mosaic floor. The addition of the edgy floating checkout counter contributes to the gradual illusory contour of the space. The design amber colored chairs follow the store’s minimalist style approach, while their color has been carefully selected to blend with the jewelry displays, whilst, effecting in a visually pleasant illumination.

Imanoglou Jewellery Store by Nikos Adrianopoulos Architecture & Lighting - Sheet8
©Fotis Serfas

Harmony in mass, lines, materials, colors and textures was further refined by the lighting design, creating a successful balance of contrasts while enhancing an aesthetically pleasant but also functional result. The overall design exudes luxury with touches of linear.’

A few words about its creator.

A synthesis of experience and fine taste of design is integrated in each and every one of his projects. His goal is to create spaces that promote original experiences. Harmony derives from his ability to combine volumes, shapes and textures. He has gained great expertise in design and construction of various projects ranging from F&B, corporate, commercial to hospitality and residential. He believes in the power of transformation, the storytelling design and is oriented to the user’s unforgettable experience. He loves light in all its forms and expressions both natural and artificial . There is no doubt that light is our signature element and Nikos definitely knows how to use it  and make the most of it.


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