The interior design of this chartered accountant’s office in Ahmedabad has been realised by the young practice- Studio Pastels. The main concept was raised from the client brief to provide transparency in the office and optimise the daylighting while creating a fresh and energetic workspace for the staff. The concept of colour blocking is explored in this office, using the bright and cheerful colour palette of yellow and teal to keep the workspace energetic yet sophisticated to match the mood of the CA profession. The 500 sqft site is divided into 5 major zones; the reception, 2 cabins, staff area and service area.

Project name: The Colour Block Office
Firm Name: Studio Pastels
Image Credits: Umang Shah
Location: Ahmedabad

These areas are divided using glass partitions to provide visual connectivity and allow daylight to diffuse across all spaces. The open area in the centre of the office is divided into zones like reception, workstations and storage by adding a sleek and elegant space divider in white. At the entrance, is located the reception area in grey, the storage area in teal and the workstation area in yellow. The rectangular suspended light and tabletop define the subvolume inside the central open area. The wall next to workstations is composed of a series of simple open boxes in yellow, adding a pop of colour. Furthermore, the glass task boards in yellow add vibrance to the workspace.

©Umang Shah

The solid colour blocking in teal and grey add the bold expression to the neutral tones in the central open area. The design approach to colour blocking continues inside the master cabin’s timeless and sophisticated table where it is coloured solid in white and teal. The master cabin uses two opposite wall surfaces to capture the sunlight. A cabinet in teal and shelf in yellow compose the wall behind the master table. The reflective grey texture on the wall adds a subtle bling to the space, while the white furniture allows the play of light and shadow inside the cabin. The yellow sofa sits against the geometrical printed backdrop next to the plants, making it a perfect lounge corner for winter afternoons.

©Umang Shah

The other cabin is approached with a more minimalist design and neutral tones. The reflective wall in grey adds a bling, while the canvas adds a splash of colours. Ample space for storage is provided inside the pantry area. The combination of artificial and natural light finely balance the ambience, complementing with the plants to make the space more lively. The entire office space is visually connected, as a conclusion of the concept of CA’s office that finds its key values in transparency and trust.

©Umang Shah

Studio Pastels

Formed in 2020, Studio Pastels is a young Interior Design Studio based in Ahmedabad, India. The studio was formed by Jinal Shah, a graduate from Faculty of Design, CEPT University- India. The studio strives to provide a thoughtful and personalised design service through their unique approach which is context and function-oriented yet timeless in design.


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