Mixed Use

Staging at the Confluence | Valentine Catapano, Enio Dajko and Kevin Jones Jr.

Architect: Valentine Catapano

University: The Ohio State University

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Synergia | Justin James S. Lambino

Architect: Justin James S. Lambino

University: Mapua Institute of Technology-Manila

Country: Philippines

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Redefining Preservation: Farnsworth’s Past, Present, and Future | Daniela, Diana, Julianne, Yaneli

Architects: Daniela, Diana, Julianne, Yaneli

Team Members: Daniela Martinez, Diana Alcantara, Julianne Pineda

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City Under Construction | Ewa Jankowska Kus

Participant Name: Ewa Jankowska Kus

Country: Poland

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Athenaeum Architecture for Architecture | Piyush Prajapati

Participant Name: Piyush Prajapati

Country: India

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Future life of Past Infrastructure | Heekyung Kim

Participant Name: Heekyung Kim

Country: South Korea

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Morphon A Living Typology | Karan Arora

Participant Name: Karan Arora

University: Dehradun Institute Of Technology

Country: India

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Unfreeze Mumbai | Shekoba Sanap

Architect: Shekoba Sanap

Location: Mumbai

Status: Concept

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