New Exhibition Spaces for Pinacoteca di Brera | Giulia Zucchiatti

Architects: Giulia Zucchiatti

Location: Milan

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Zhi The Retail Store | Priyanka Shah

Architects: Priyanka Shah

Location: Block C, Mondeal Retail Park SG Highway, Ahmedabad

Status: Concept

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Library Former Slaughter House | Sara Bacchini

Architect: Sara Bacchini

University: University of Florence

Country: Italy

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Astronomical Observatory | Sneha Khulge

Architect: Sneha Khulge

Country: India

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Instant Laboratory | Chris Tong Kit LO

Architect: Chris Tong Kit LO

Country: United Kingdom

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Children’s Healing Field | Jing-Li Liang

Participant Name: Jing-Li Liang

Country: Taiwan

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