The Lecture Hall at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Hyderabad by Prof Christopher Benninger led CCBA Designs, is a remarkable testament to architecture’s ideal balance of functionality, appearance, and sustainability. This study delves into the numerous aspects of its architecture, from intensive planning to the profound design philosophy that produced this famous edifice. The Lecture Hall Complex is an ongoing project that started construction in 2019, spanning 169,671 square feet. It has fifteen auditoria, each hosting a large number of students, ranging from 75 to 800, for a total capacity of over 3200 students when entirely occupied. The built form is divided into two levels with halls surrounded by a central spine corridor. The hallway provides spaces that exhibit break-out areas, ramps, and wide staircases for easy mobility of students in between halls.

Lecture Hall at IIT Hyderabad by CCBA Designs - SHeet1
Top view of the model Credits CCBA Designs

The Lecture Hall Complex offers an imposing presence at the intersection of the two main pedestrian walkways on campus. Its architectural significance extends beyond the bounds of lecture halls, as it houses a wide pedestrian pathway that cuts through the built fabric at two separate levels, with auditoriums strategically organized on either side. This strategic location promotes a continuous flow of movement, facilitating ease of access for students and faculty (CCBA Designs, 2023).

Planning and Approach

Prof Benninger envisioned creating a space that not only accommodates huge crowds for lectures and seminars but also promotes a favorable learning atmosphere. The Lecture Hall is deliberately placed to maximize natural lighting and ventilation, reducing the need for artificial lighting and air conditioning. Clear sightlines and comfortable seating configurations were prioritized to ensure an engaging educational experience for the occupants. The hall features an amphitheater-style seating configuration that gradually ascends, providing unobstructed views of the stage from all angles. This innovative arrangement fosters interaction between the speaker and the audience while promoting a sense of inclusiveness (CCBA Designs, 2023).

Lecture Hall at IIT Hyderabad by CCBA Designs - SHeet2
Aerial view of the ongoing construction which is slated to be finished next year_CCBA Designs

Visitors traverse the Lecture Hall Complex and are immersed in a kinetic experience, where people, light, and space interact harmoniously. To facilitate efficient movement within the hall, the architects incorporated wide aisles and strategically positioned entrances and exits. Furthermore, the efficient use of space enables the easy accommodation of many attendees while maintaining a sense of openness. The architects planned a network of ramps and staircases, encouraging mobility within the structure to become an engaging and exciting journey. The design stimulates social interaction and inclusivity, making the space ideal for both learning and community building(CCBA Designs, 2023).

The interior design of the Lecture Hall features pillars of shaded walkways flanked by corridor balconies that overlook the central gardens that flow through them. These shaded pathways serve various functions: not only do they provide a comfortable, sun-protected circulation channel for students and faculty, but they also serve as locations for interaction and assembly. The center gardens provide a tranquil and refreshing setting, encouraging moments of relaxation and reflection amidst the busy academic environment. 

Materials and Construction

Innovative construction methods were used by CCBA Designs to ensure the durability and structural integrity of the building. Reinforced concrete cement framework gave structural stability to the grand amphitheater seating.  The structure had undergone various load-bearing and seismic tests in order to ensure it from any possible hazards.  (“Lecture Hall Complex – IIT Hyderabad”). 

Lecture Hall at IIT Hyderabad by CCBA Designs - SHeet3
Aerial view of the ongoing construction which is slated to be finished next year_CCBA Designs
Lecture Hall at IIT Hyderabad by CCBA Designs - SHeet4
View of the model_CCBA Designs
Lecture Hall at IIT Hyderabad by CCBA Designs - SHeet5
Curved walls Ongoing Construction_CCBA Designs

The Lecture Hall is characterized by its curved shell-wall construction, which gracefully encloses the halls and integrates different volumes into a unified and cohesive edifice. Curved walls offer strength and stiffness to the overall structure while providing stability and support. The curved passageway between the external shearing walls of Lecture Hall provides a dramatic transition area that accentuates the building’s sculptural profile. The ribbed arches extending from wall to wall contribute to the space’s grandeur and refinement, while also providing lateral reinforcement for the roof. The design of the building is intended to encourage creative collaboration and exchange of knowledge, with a hierarchical progression from the main lecture hall meeting areas to classrooms, labs, and individual discussion areas. To achieve this design concept, CCBA Designs carefully planned and executed the construction process, ensuring that each space connected seamlessly to the next. This enabled the building to create an environment of harmony and engagement for both students and faculty(CCBA Designs, 2023).

Lecture Hall at IIT Hyderabad by CCBA Designs - SHeet6
Drone View_CCBA Designs
Lecture Hall at IIT Hyderabad by CCBA Designs - SHeet7
Drone View_CCBA Designs

Sustainability factors

The Lecture Hall site selection reflects IIT Hyderabad’s commitment to sustainability. Selecting a location with optimal natural lighting and ventilation reduces the building’s reliance on artificial light and air conditioning. The Lecture Hall’s strategic orientation also reduces solar heat gain.

CCBA Designs incorporated passive cooling methods, including shading devices and strategically placed windows, to optimize natural light and air circulation. Additionally, motion-sensor-controlled LED lighting systems improve energy efficiency by automatically adjusting lighting levels based on the number of occupants. The built form has made an attempt to keep the energy consumption to bare minimum.

Lecture Hall at IIT Hyderabad by CCBA Designs - SHeet8
Drone View_CCBA Designs
Lecture Hall at IIT Hyderabad by CCBA Designs - SHeet9
Drone View_CCBA Designs


The Lecture Hall Complex is a brilliant example of how creative architecture can improve the educational process. The building’s appearance and variation foster a collaborative and creative atmosphere that encourages students to think beyond. By giving individuals a place to gather and share ideas, the built form acts as a role model for future educational infrastructure  The Lecture Hall Complex is certain to act as a source of inspiration for architects and educators alike as education continues to advance.


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Ruchi Khakurel, a fresh graduate architect, is driven to create an impact through her ideas and perception. She believes spaces as powerful storytellers that reflect the essence of people who inhabit them and seeks platforms that connect aspiring minds that comforts the soul in this impeccable field of creating art.