The Smart Scale Ruler was created by Joanne Swisterski, an Interior Designer looking to solve scale and unit issues once and for all. This digital ruler can be customized for Architects, Designers, and Builders. Solving the common problems of out of scale drawings and differing units, this innovative new tool makes conversions simple for everyone.

This digital architecture scale could solve all of your conversion issues

The Smart Scale Ruler uses a long screen to display a custom ruler created by the user. This is done by inputting a physical reference of distance and the desired distance. The screen regenerates to create a ruler based on these parameters. Whatever is displayed can be converted to metric or imperial with one button. It can similarly be used to divide spaces equally for 2D drawings, and with a ratio applied for perspective drawings.

Check out how it all works:

The Smart Scale Ruler Kickstarter campaign is currently live with $40,283 pledged of their $51,722 goal. If this is a tool you would like to see in production there are 13 days left to help fund their goal.

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