Usually not every poet is able to foresee the future, and, nevertheless, one can not but admit that it turned out in Akhmatova, though not in a social sense, but rather in an artistic sense: her famous lines about which litter grow Poems, largely predicted the current trend to use for glamorous design is not glamorous attributes – examples of this now is enough.

Building exterior: The 'ideal' space for Advertisements - Sheet1

Building exterior: The 'ideal' space for Advertisements - Sheet2

For example, such a thing as containers originally intended to carry cargo across the sea, designers today are happy to use to create various small architectural forms, not only small ones, but also large ones such as the waiting room In one of the Spanish seaports, a mobile school in China , designed for small towns and rural areas, A hostel for students in the South African Republic or here is an advertising skyscraper that was recently presented to the court of experts and the general public by employees of the design company OVA – incidentally, also Chinese.

Building exterior: The 'ideal' space for Advertisements - Sheet3

Building exterior: The 'ideal' space for Advertisements - Sheet4

Building exterior: The 'ideal' space for Advertisements - Sheet5

A man can not enter the new skyscraper, and he can not be called a building, so it’s rather a structure , more precisely, a very large-scale construction made up of an incredible number of containers for shipping, fixed on a metal frame with a crane , Installed on the roof of the complex. The meaning of such a non-trivial concept created by Chinese designers is that a similar skyscraper can be built in a business center, any city, Completely built-up real skyscrapers, using a very small construction site – in order to place advertising on it. One of the most characteristic features of this design is that the details of the skyscraper, that is, these same containers, are sometimes rearranged with the same faucet from one place to another, so the building is visually perceived every time by new people from neighboring buildings, which means , That they once again pay attention to advertising – however, while this is nothing more than a concept.


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