OMA New York has unveiled its design for the new transformation of the 80-Year-old historic building of Tiffany & Co, a leading luxury jeweler and specialty retailer shop headquartered in New York.

The project marks the first holistic renovation and preservation of the building since 1940. The project involves the preservation of the structures iconic façade, renovation of the ground floor interior, and replacing the additional floors built-in 1980 with the construction of a rectangular glass volume that will span three storeys, adding space that meets the growing and diverse program needs of the brand

Tiffany & Co’s Fifth Avenue flagship with a rooftop glass addition designed by OMA - Sheet1
Tiffany and Co’s New York Store ©

Tiffany & Co’s headquarters designed by Criss and cross in 1940 in modern design with limestone cladding and vertical windows are set to be preserved and the renovation of the ground floor includes the reorganization of the program to establish a fluid circulation throughout the building. The incongruent upper floor for office space added in 1980 is set to be removed and replaced by a glass volume designed to be a smooth transition between the two structures. The glass volume brings a fresh outlook to the structure much like brand identity. The design solves the clientele’s program by balancing the design pragmatically with sensuality adding a touch of newness to the brand’s identity in the iconic 57th street.

Tiffany & Co’s Fifth Avenue flagship with a rooftop glass addition designed by OMA - Sheet2
The upper three floors added in 1980 ©the new york times

OMA Partner Shohei Shigematsu said, “Tiffany’s 5th Avenue Flagship is more than a retail space, it is a destination with a public dimension. The new addition is informed by the programmatic needs of the evolving brand—a gathering place that acts as a contemporary counterpart to the iconic ground-level space and its activities. The floating volume over an existing terrace provides a clear visual cue to a vertical journey of diverse experiences throughout the building.”

The upper volume is designed as two stacked spaces that have the potential to work together. The lower one programmed for exhibitions and events will comprise a recessed box covered with glass windows to provide transparency and create a spacious outdoor terrace with views of the fifth avenue to central park. While the upper portion resembling a soft curtain will be wrapped with slumped glass walls inspired by the building’s corniced parapet. The structurally viable slumped glass walls create a mirrored effect that provides privacy from the exterior and the flat Low-E glass in the interior optimizes the energy performance of the façade.

“The two spaces of the upper volume that make up the new addition is a moment of clear but complimentary contrast to the original flagship. It is a symbolic ending to the building that reflects an evolved luxury experience that is more of a journey than a destination.” The studio added

The project is currently under construction and will be completed by Spring 2022.

Tiffany & Co’s Fifth Avenue flagship with a rooftop glass addition designed by OMA - Sheet3
The upper glass structure ©

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