The 2 Finsbury Avenue scheme from 3XN Architects is one of the latest proposals in Broadgate, UK, designed to replace two buildings built by British architect Peter Foggo in the 1980s. This project proposal would be 3XN’s first project in London and would be a major part of redefining the area into a mixed-use destination. The Broadgate complex would offer a wide variety of amenities for visitors, interactive public spaces, and workspaces, retail stores, and restaurants. Besides turning the area into a popular public space, the office complex also plans to use forward-thinking sustainable initiatives during construction and operation. With such high development ambitions, 3XN’s 2 Finsbury Avenue proposal is sure to stand out from all over London.


Visuals of high-rise office complex for London unveiled by 3XN- sheet1
A Vertical Campus in the Largest Pedestrian Neighborhood in Central London ©
  • Lead Architect: 3XN
  • MEPH & Structural Engineer: Ramboll
  • Executive Architect: Adamson Associates
  • Vertical Transportation: SWECO
  • Innovation Consultant: GXN
  • Sustainability Consultant: Atelier Ten
  • Planning Consultant: DP9
  • Cost Consultant: Core Five
  • Project Manager: Gardiner & Theobald
  • Framework Contractor: Sir Robert McAlpine

Broadgate is the largest pedestrianized neighborhood in Central London spanning over 32-acres. The neighborhood already has a diverse community with finance and a public arena for new food, retail, and culture that brings in about 19 million people a year. 3XN’s 2 Finsbury Avenue project proposal aims to use a series of interconnected volumes, where the connecting points are the social spaces, amenities, and green spaces that Broadgate uses to host over 100 programs a year. The project includes a 12-story podium with a 35-story East Tower and 20-story West Tower. The 12-story podium is a central element in transforming the existing site into an even busier London hub because it connects the existing neighborhood with a new route under the building that will extend Finsbury Avenue and create a new route from Eldon Street to Sun Street. The 12-story podium is meant to reflect the outstanding qualities of the Broadgate complex that already exist. The design proposal also includes public access to the building through the inclusion of a new learning hub by Sun Street and Wilson Street. By adding a learning hub to a neighborhood that did not have one previously, it increases the quality of life and will bring more visitors to the Broadgate complex that may have not had a reason to before.

Visuals of high-rise office complex for London unveiled by 3XN- sheet2
A Vertical Campus in the Largest Pedestrian Neighborhood in Central London ©

One of the main goals of Broadgate’s redevelopment is to inspire creative collaboration and social interactions on the site. With 1.5 billion euros to invest in the future of the Broadgate complex, 3XN’s project proposal would generate 4.9 million square feet of reinvented workplaces, retail, and restaurants. These new establishments would create new places for people to work, shop, dine, and interact with one another. Besides the obvious new places for visitors to engage in, the structure and facade of the building also took into account how to be more welcoming and highlight spaces for interaction. The facade uses a triangular pattern that connects the entire structure while highlighting the spaces in between. The triangular volume creates a self-shading matrix through its geometry. It also minimizes the need for air conditioning and allows natural lightning through the glass triangles. The facade is composed of a combination of solid and glazed triangular facade modules to allow different levels of transparency, and also helps emphasize the different spaces within the building for visitors to interact.

Visuals of high-rise office complex for London unveiled by 3XN- sheet3
A Vertical Campus in the Largest Pedestrian Neighborhood in Central London ©

Another main goal for 3XN’s 2 Finsbury Avenue project proposal is to incorporate forward-thinking environmental initiatives into the design, the construction, and the operation of the project. The architects are targeting Net Zero Carbon in construction and operation as well as a BREEAM ‘Outstanding’ certification. They plan to reduce embodied carbon through the structural optimization of the towers, circular economic strategies, and low carbon materials following the British Land’s sustainability strategy. Passive design strategies like the glass triangular facade of the structure create minimal heating and cooling demand, and on-site renewable technologies also help the project remain sustainable. 3XN Architects also wanted to incorporate multiple green areas in the site to further initiate creativity and social interaction. For example, offices are intermixed with healthy, green areas and terraces to allow a comfortable environment for workers to interact and de-stress. The 12-story podium will also contain green spaces and communal areas for people to enjoy and reflect on the rest of the Broadgate complex

The 3XN Architect firm developed a unique and well-though-out design proposal for the Broadgate complex. It will replace two older buildings on the square and give insight to the future of interactive and sustainable architecture. Its distinctive triangular facade emphasizes the connection between the two buildings through its joining podium, while also using elements of the facade to reduce heating and cooling demand as well as reduce the need for artificial lighting and electricity. It also creates new places to develop food, retail, and office spaces for connections and interactions to take place. With a focus on greener architecture and design, the proposal also integrated various green spaces within the project that foster well-being and social interaction. Overall, there is no mistaking that this design proposal will effectively reach all of Broadgate’s goals for the new site, and enhance the experience of people visiting the complex.


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