A journey of 100 years of Architecture in India | Part 04

This is the final part of the series of ‘A Journey of 100 years of Architecture in India’. Since the beginning of 20th century, Indian Architecture has seen a lot of transformation right from the colonial architecture to modern and then the global in the recent times. India has always been rich in Architecture, either one of the first civilizations of the world, Indus Valley Civilization, the architecture of Hampi in late middle ages or the Mughal Architecture till 19th Century.

Architect and Urban Designer Vikas Pawar have worked on Journey of 100 years of architecture in India from 1905 to 2005, with the guidance from Prof. K. T. Ravindran, Dr. Vinod Gupta, and Ar. Anuj Mehta. He was recently awarded for his work at the centenary celebration of Indian Institute of Architects in 2017. A graduate of School of Planning & Architecture, New Delhi, Vikas Pawar has been a speaker at TEDx Eastern Metropolitan Bypass, Kolkata and TEDx PEC, Chandigarh.

The projects have been arranged in chronological order under various building categories like Cultural, Public Building, Housing, Educational, and Building for Governance. We have divided the list of buildings in four parts, we request our readers to go through all the parts of this article, also if you feel that some architecture marvel has been missed out, do share with us. We would be happy to update this list.

1985-86 Garware House, Nasik

Designed by: Somaya And kalappa Consultants PVT
Category: Public Building
City: Nasik

1985-87 Entrepreneuship Development institute, ahmedabad

Designed by: Bimal Patel & Hasmukh Patel
Category: Public Building
City: Ahmedabad

1985-87 Planetrium Complex, bangalore

Designed by: Prem Nath & Associates
Category: Public Building
City: Bangalore


Designed by: Sen Kapadia
Category: Educational
City: Bhopal

1985-89 Taj Bengal Hotel, Calcutta

Designed by: Ajoy Choudhury, Sabikki And Choudhury Architects PVT
Category: Hospitality
City: Kolkata

1985-89 Triveni Tirath Campus, kalsar

Designed by: Satish N. Madhiwalla
Category: Cultural
City: Bombay

1985-95 School for Spastic Children

Designed by: Romi Khosla
Category: Educational
City: New Delhi

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