1. Estes Park, Colorado: This evening tour takes you to a few darkened spaces and introduces you to the “active” phenomena and spirit folklore surrounding our 100+ year old hotel. The experience will educate you on how to interact with the type of activity many people claim to encounter, but does not intend to prank or scare. Due to the fact that spirits are not on payroll, we do not guarantee any interactions. Photography or other personal gear is encouraged. Due to the nature and the time of night, this tour avoids the guest floors.

Most Haunted Cities In The World You've Probably Never Heard Of - Estes Park, Colorado

2. Prague, Czech Republic:- Prague, an ancient city with a history that dates back over one thousand years is the prime place to spot a ghost! With an array of twisting cobblestone streets and large street lamps the night falls quickly in this historic city complete with dancing shadows and the distinct feeling of the fantastic; surely any element of the surreal can take place! The Czech lands are full of magical stories about legends, myths and ghosts and Prague is literally full of tales of the night; whether they are tall tales is up to you. Is the city of Prague haunted? Only you can be the judge of that as you wander through its cobblestone mazelike streets!

Most Haunted Cities In The World You've Probably Never Heard Of - Prague, Czech Republic

3. Dublin Horror , Ireland:- Whilst most of Dublin’s grisly past has been left behind to history, not every character has decided to pass over into the next world.

The Emerald Isle is known as being one of the most haunted countries on the planet with many of the world’s most famous supernatural characters and stories finding their roots in the tales told across the centuries by our ancestors around Irish peat fires on dark, dank nights. Each wave of human culture from the Celts to the Protestant ascendancy has left a mark when it comes to the haunted history of this city. It is this diversity which makes Dublin’s other-worldly folklore so fascinating.

Most Haunted Cities In The World You've Probably Never Heard Of - Dublin Horror , Ireland

4. Savannah, Georgia:- Established in 1733, charming Savannah, Georgia is known for its broad city streets and shady town squares wreathed in Spanish moss. The hospitality of the Hostess City is palpable by day – but by night, a more sinister sentiment takes hold.

Are you curious to meet the historic city’s eternal residents?From the site of a grisly triple murder to an abandoned morgue tunnel beneath an old city hospital that once housed the victims of yellow fever, join us on a moonlit tour of the most haunted places in Savannah.

Most Haunted Cities In The World You've Probably Never Heard Of - Savannah, Georgia

5. Athens Horror, Ohio:- Many mental institutions in the United States are said to be haunted and thus The Ridges from Athens, Ohio, is no exception to that. If you have ever watched a horror movie, you must have observed that these types of buildings are presented as hulking structures with lots of cobwebs and ghosts that are waiting and haunting at each corner. The abandoned buildings are even worse when it comes to haunting rumors. The Ridges from Athens, Ohio is one of the abandoned places that are said to be powerfully haunted.

Most Haunted Cities In The World You've Probably Never Heard Of - Athens Horror, Ohio

6. Bhangarh Fort Rajasthan, India:- In our chilhood we have heard several kinds of blood-curdling ghost stories and these haunted stories still scare us as nightmares. If this is not enough to believe then let us brief you about few best haunted places like Delhi cantt, Dumas Beach in Gujrat and many more in India but Bhangarh is the most HAUNTED place that would definitely give you a real jolt.

Most Haunted Cities In The World You've Probably Never Heard Of - Bhangarh Fort Rajasthan, India

7. Rome Horror, Italy:-  A tour for horror lovers, it will take you to places where your imagination would not dare to go. Churches decorated with human bones and depictions of Christian martyrs tortures and executions. The Museum of Medieval Medicine, with testimonies of real experiments that show the cruelty of Medicine in the 17th century.

Most Haunted Cities In The World You've Probably Never Heard Of - Rome Horror, Italy


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