Interweaving local nuances with contemporary experiences in the foothills of Goa.

Nestled in the hills and situated right by the backwaters of Goa, Amora Vida is conceptualised as a resort to relax and rejuvenate.

Name of the Project: Amora Vida Hotel
Typology: Hospitality
Location: Goa
Area: 53,000 sq.ft
Completion: April 2020

Amora Vida By Designers Group - Sheet7
©Designers Group

The property consists of seven blocks. The expertise of the Designers Group has been displayed in the design of a residential block that has been turned into a hotel. Fortunately, the hotel is easily accessible from the airport and effortlessly attracts travellers. The flowing forms of the resort gracefully descend the hills to the backwaters, thus, making a distinct appeal in the surroundings. The backwater flows to the property’s end, with the hills enclosing it, thus, embracing the hotel’s contemporary work.

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©Designers Group

Surrounded by lush flora and fauna, the structure is thoughtfully carved out, dramatically blending in with the environment while ensuring an exceptional experience. Large pocket terraces that ornament the hotel is an architectural wonder.

The first block is adapted into a series of public spaces with lobbies, all-day dining, a bar, and a small conference room connected vertically with the lift, while other blocks were connected via an elevated walkway at various levels that also offers views of the lawn and the backwater. The elevated walkways remain as a spine, connecting each unit to the next all the way around.

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The guest rooms follow a contemporary style, in which the balconies serve as a significant part of the space, complementing the aesthetics and functionality. The balcony unveils a beautiful view of the surroundings while contributing to natural cross ventilation. The artwork in the rooms resonates with the local art of Goa, in which blue lines represent the beach and wooden strips imitate the dunes, twisted with contemporary elements rendering a rustic feel to the space.

The outdoors host the recreational area, spa, gym, amphitheatre, long deck, lobby, and all amenities that supplement visitors’ well-being. The lobby is designed as a public place intended for family celebrations and enjoyment, as well as a pathway to the pool area exhibiting a thoughtful combination of spaces. The stilts in the area allow for various amenities, one of which is the amphitheatre, and the space is brilliantly crafted out by the virtue of architecture.

Amora Vida By Designers Group - Sheet10
©Designers Group

The resort is designed in a contemporary style, highlighted with vivid colour palettes.  The hotel appeals through the accentuated bright colours, which create a pleasant and lively atmosphere throughout the resort. Portugal’s colour palette is infused in the interiors that adorn intricate details of flora and fauna.

The innovative incorporation of local nuances in the form of elements, for example,  replicas of fish and fishing boats created to display the culture of surrounding fishing villages, and the pearl art resembling the rare pearl of Goa, paid a tribute to the region. The latticework incorporated in a lot of areas becomes a local reference to even the civil work in architecture and also acts as an accent wall. The use of local resources and materials, along with the regional flora,  added the factor of sustainability to the overall design.

©Designers Group

Hotel Amora Vida was designed to overlook a magnificent water body and is a pinnacle of Goa and its Konkan culture. Exemplified as a hospitality space for wellness, Amora Vida encompasses a wide range of world-class facilities with breakout spaces for personal interactions and exchanges — offering a contemporary experience in terms of culture, food, and tradition.


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