Grand Cru (n.) a wine of the most superior grade or the vineyard that produces it.

Interior Architect: Panisara Sittiwong
Location: Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand
Status: Concept

Under the concept of debutante, an upper-class young woman making her first appearance in fashionable society, Grand Cru Wine & Fine Dining aims to make each one of the customers feel privileged and making a debut of their own to the world of luxury. Throughout the space and decoration, the design has been brought up by the three main keys: debut, feminine, and accessorized. With the inspiration from Jazz Age, the most remarkable era symbolizing luxury, bronze is the main hardware of the decorative elements. To soften the intense feeling of the art deco motifs, other textures like wood floor, fabrics, and leather help radiate more comfortable atmosphere. The color scheme is simply adopted from red wine, resulting in accentuating burgundy color on neutral colors like black, grey, and white.

The materials are selected based on the intention to accentuate the burgundy color out of the neutral space corresponding to the concept. Most textures are stain-friendly considering wine as the main concern. To minimize the boldness of marble domination, wood and fabric like leather, velvet and gauzy texture are used to make a contrast; resulting in a more amicable sense. This helps relax the customers to feel more relatable with the place and encourages more socialization.

Panisara Sittiwong

An interior architecture graduate who has always had passion for fashion. She sees art and design insights regardless of any industry as one same concept that can be adaptive and tradable. Most of her designs are always inspired and originated through her exceptional fashion-infused lens and her unique point of view that drive her to develop such extraordinary designs. After finishing her bachelor, she has been chasing her dream of becoming a fashion designer. By getting herself exposed to the industry, she is now a visual merchandiser and designer at a fashion house.


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