Entrepreneur Johnny Earle, aka “Johnny Cupcakes,” is a bona fide Brand Hysteria Expert. Johnny Cupcakes has won over the masses with his fakery for over twenty years without selling any baked goods. Instead, he has created an empire with a heartfelt mission to make people happy by designing limited-edition t-shirts, greeting cards, and apparel.

Project Name: Johnny Cupcakes
Studio Name: Bergmeyer
Design Team: Angela Dewar, Jessica Czyryca, Stan Kubinski, TJ DiFeo
Area: Retail
Year: 2022
Location: Boston, MA
Photography Credits: Ben Gebo Photography
Other Credits: J.J. Welch & Co. Construction, Northmen Builders

Johnny Cupcakes by Bergmeyer - Sheet3
©Ben Gebo Photography

So where does a Brand Hysteria Expert go to be inspired? Johnny wanted a trusted partner to match his energy and bring forth ideas that would push creative boundaries. He enlisted our team as a strategic partner in executing his vision for the new store, including collaboration on the design direction for the space.

It’s clear to anyone who meets Johnny or comes across his brand online or through his brick-and-mortar location that he authentically lives by his word and values. His passion for humor, games, playfulness, and inclusivity are deeply embedded in his success story. Rightfully so, working with Johnny went above and beyond providing a service; we were immersed in the world of one of the most imaginatively curious minds. Inspiration was a two-way street for this dream partnership in fully realizing Johnny’s vision of transforming the former Newbury Comics space into a revitalized mainstay for his brand that would continue to surprise and delight visitors in true Johnny Cupcakes style.

Johnny Cupcakes by Bergmeyer - Sheet5
©Ben Gebo Photography

Through an oversized, retro-themed oven door, Johnny Cupcakes’ immersive store experience transports visitors back in time. The design is reminiscent of a 60s roadside diner with black and white checkered tiles, schoolhouse glass pendants, and vibrant turquoise accents. Refrigerated bakery displays, traditionally used to showcase the daily baked goods selections, are repurposed to highlight Johnny’s extensive collection of limited-edition T-shirts and apparel. A custom millwork display designed by our team showcases Johnny’s new line of greeting cards and sense of humor, complemented by custom-built televisions above the card display streaming vintage cartoons and movies.

©Ben Gebo Photography

Repurposing pieces from his previous location, we worked to create a space as fiercely creative as our client, complete with ovens that smoke when packaging up an order, giving off the impression that each purchase is literally “fresh out of the oven.”

As Johnny Earle advocates, “do more of what makes you happy,” a sentiment translated into an immersive physical experience by design at the new Johnny Cupcakes retail location.


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