This is a retail store located in South of Delhi selling fabrics and home accessories. The idea was to use a very monolithic concept so all the design fixtures look like they are coming out of the floor. So we decided to use Pea White granite as the base.

Area: 2400 sq ft.
Location: Sultanpur, MG Road, New Delhi
Design Concept: Brutalism can be Beautiful
Designed by:  Sanjyt Syngh
Photography: Atul Pratap

BRUTAL BEAUTY: A cutting edge lifestyle store by Sanjyt Syngh - Sheet2
©Atul Pratap

All the functional tables and storage unit are made in Pea White granite giving the entire space a very monolithic feel. We wanted to give the space some character of its own hence we decided to experiment a little bit with different colours. We used an inlay of Black cystal granite and apple green quartz on the floor. This inlay has very sharp angles and it continues along with store. It starts from the ground and goes up the tables, goes down to the floor and eventually climbs the wall. It adds to the brutalist design nature of the space. Some of the walls are cladded with beautiful Arte wallpaper to give it some bold identity. Because the product range on offer is so vast and it is almost oxymoronic in nature, we decided to mix a blend of materials and sensibilities.

Flooring : Pea White Granite
Flooring Inlay: Apple Green Quartz and Black crystal granite
Column Cladding: Michaelangelo stone and Black crystal granite
Cabinetry: Pea White Granite and Grey Cement Terrazo
Chair: Kartell

BRUTAL BEAUTY: A cutting edge lifestyle store by Sanjyt Syngh - Sheet6
©Atul Pratap

To continue with the abstract brutal inlay we decided to use a herringbone wallpaper which will match with the concept of the inlay. Art is a very integral part of our design so we introduced the Science artwork by Kunel Gaur and we don’t like restricting art to the walls so we brought it to the table.

Column cladding: Black Crystal granite
Herringbone Wallpaper: Arte
Sculpture: Thirsty Dog
Wall Art: Kunel Gaur

BRUTAL BEAUTY: A cutting edge lifestyle store by Sanjyt Syngh - Sheet7
©Atul Pratap

We didn’t want to use the conventional way to display wallpaper which is one of the products the brand sells hence, decided to display the wallpaper in a very abstract manner. The art by Kunel Gaur was apt as it explains the concept. The display rack and the display counters are very monolithic in nature hence made out of Pea White Granite

Column Cladding: Pea White Granite
Cabinetry: Pea White Granite
Art: Kunel Gaur

©Atul Pratap

We wanted to take the inlay colour to the walls but didn’t want to overdo the granite. Hence we chose this stunning silk wallpaper which has a grassy effect. To make the green bolder we chose this green lamp.

Wallpaper: Arte
Vase: Seletti Milano
Lamp:  Established & Sons, UK


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