Located on the ground floor of Chicago’s Board of Trade Building, Burling Bank is a small commercial and retail bank headquarters.

Studio Name: von Weise Associates
Design Team: Charles von Weise Area: 9,400 square feet
Year: 2021
Location: 141 W. Jackson Blvd. Chicago, IL 60604
General Contractor – Norcon, Inc. Lighting Design – Filament 33, Inc.
Mechanical Engineer – Environment Systems Design, Inc.
Photography Credits: Steve Hall, Hall+Merrick+McCaughtery Photographers

Burling Bank By von weise associates - Sheet2
©Steve Hall, Hall+Merrick+McCaughtery Photographers

As a local bank, Burling Bank takes pride in maintaining personal relationships with their clients.

Burling Bank By von weise associates - Sheet4
©Steve Hall, Hall+Merrick+McCaughtery Photographers
Burling Bank By von weise associates - Sheet5
©Steve Hall, Hall+Merrick+McCaughtery Photographers

The design brief was to create a space that welcomes clients into a warm and comfortable space that also embodies the long-standing success and solidity of their banking tradition.

Firm Profile: von Weise Associates is a group of talented and motivated architectural professionals committed to excellence in design. Our studio harnesses the rigor of academia with technology and practical knowledge of the building arts in service of our clients’ goals. At the beginning of every project, our team will generate multiple design ideas and options in an open studio environment in which our clients become directly engaged. By reviewing and refining these design options, clients are empowered to directly inform the project with their unique perspectives. As the design evolves, we will work collaboratively with clients and contractors to maximize its potential through construction and occupancy.


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