The office was situated in the building’s basement for over 30 years. With the increase in the projects and expansion of team’s productivity, there was a need of a larger and more comfortable studio space. The new studio is located on the top floor of the existing building keeping in touch with the roots of the firm, and catering to changing requirements and new demands of the workspace.

Project Name: Architect’s office
Office Name: Mohan and associates
Office Website:
Firm Location: First floor, Kastoori home shoppee, Garh road, Meerut, U.P-250002
Completion Year: MARCH 2020
Gross Built Area (m2/ ft2):  350 sqm.
Project Location: First floor, Kastoori home shoppee, Garh road, Meerut, U.P-250002
Program / Use / Building Function: Office interiors
Lead Architects: Ar. Shitiz Gupta
Photo Credits:  FSeven Studio
Photographer’s Website:

Architects's Office By Mohan And Associates - Sheet4
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The office is planned to reflect the creativity and simplicity of the company. The main focus was that all the areas should receive ample amount of sunlight to make the occupants feel calm, focused and inspired. The sunlight here is treated as an essential commodity and a part of the design. The planning is done in such a way that it automatically connects with the person visiting for the first time keeping them intrigued and captivating throughout.

Architects's Office By Mohan And Associates - Sheet7
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The reception area breaks the stereotype of being a ‘wooden box’. The various elements like graphical main door, the parametric front desk, distinctive ceiling pattern and the wooden jalli partition, all gives an unparalleled arrival experience at the entrance. The space was designed to be open and welcoming while maintaining the privacy and security. The wooden partition filters sunlight throughout the day and provides a playful pattern in the space which creates a sense of mystery of what lies ahead.

The double height green area acts as a focal point which provides continuity between outside and inside environment. It connects all the spaces together and allows a lot of cross ventilation; hence minimizing the use of air conditioning. At the arrival, one sees the vast skylight with intricate jalli pattern which beautifully frames the sky and created a sense of drama with shadows throughout the day and through changing seasons. The presence of existing beam in the area was taken as an opportunity to install automated motion sensor lights which enhances the space during the night as well.

The workspace is designed on two important aspects: 1) that the space should promote team interaction and 2) be comfortable for the employees and the clients who frequently visit. For these reasons, the workspace is the biggest room with open office concept, exposed ceiling design, simple work desks, functional overhead storage and lots of greenery to enable a feeling of comfort. The adequate storage in the area ensures that the desks are kept clean and clutter free, with all the massive catalogues and important documents are organized neatly.

Architects's Office By Mohan And Associates - Sheet10
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The cabins: The highlight of the cabins is the unique feature wall and distinctive tile patterns which reflects the personality of the architect in the room. The presence of simple ceiling, light furniture and minimal design brings out more charm to the minute details of the room. The 10 feet high glass doors provides ample amount of sunlight in the room. The doors are also strategically placed to invite and maintain each person’s privacy.

Architects's Office By Mohan And Associates - Sheet14
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Each room in the office has its own character while maintaining a common language with help of various elements which are portrayed by accent aqua blue colour, wooden finishes and glass doors which ties everything together into one space. This agglomeration of details makes the office timeless and classic in its own way.


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