HENN’s Brunner Innovation Factory transformed the second-generation furniture company’s production line into a showroom. Completed in 2018, the building celebrates the process of assembly and the act of making.

Project Name: Brunner Innovation Factory
Studio Name: HENN Architekten

Client: Brunner GmbH
Location: Rheinau, DE
Area GFA: 7,477 m²
Status: Completed
Years: 2018
Consultants: schlaich bergermann partner – sbp (Structural Engineering), b.i.g. bechtold INGENIEURGESELLSCHAFT (MEP), Müller-BBM (Building Physics), hhpberlin (Fire Protection), Geisel – Ingenieurbüro für Grossküchentechnik (Kitchen Planning), Rainer Schmidt Landschaftsarchitekten (Landscape Architecture)
Partner in Charge: Christian Bechtle
Project Director: Wolfram Schneider

Project Team: Christian Rassmann, Aselya Iskakova, Dirk Breuer, Anne Henkel, Anatolii Romanov, Ralph Hempel, Phyllis Buschmeyer, Martin Erdinger, Attila Horvath, Oliver Koch, Wolfgang Krebs, Silke Beckmann, Katrin Jacobs, Andrea Heuer, Michael Sadomskyj, Matthias Palloch, Tiffany Taraska, Wolfgang Wrba, Mira Schröpfer, Peter Weber

Brunner Innovation Factory By HENN Architekten - Shheet7
©HENN Architekten

HENN’s architectural design references the construction details and materiality of Brunner’s furniture while reflecting their ambitious growth goals and fundamental values: functionality, quality and design.

The Innovation Factory combines design, prototyping, production, open workspaces, showrooms and canteen into a single, hybrid building. The interiors, designed in cooperation with Ippolito Fleitz, are warm, transparent and open. The main assembly hall is a continuous, double-height space, ringed by gallery level offices and workshops and lit from above by skylights.

Brunner Innovation Factory By HENN Architekten - Shheet8
©HENN Architekten

The modular wooden structure of the production hall is a special feature of the project. The material underlines the sustainability of the construction and has a decisive influence on the atmosphere and aesthetics of the space. Similar to the craftsmanship and techniques used in furniture production, the beams of the roof structure are assembled at the junctions. The roof is made from sustainable timber and designed to be easily extended or disassembled and reused. Wrapped in a highly-transparent metal and glass facade, the wooden structure is visible even from a distance.

Brunner Innovation Factory By HENN Architekten - Shheet9
©HENN Architekten

Special attention is paid to the openness and transparency of the building both inwardly and outwardly. In the hall, the assembly process can be traced step by step. The glass walls and a gallery that extends along the entire length of the building deliberately create lines of sight between the production area and the work areas on the upper floor. The variably designed office spaces not only allow for quiet concentrated work, but also for meetings and teamwork.

Brunner Innovation Factory By HENN Architekten - Shheet11
©HENN Architekten

At the same time, the new building opens up the company to the outside world. The representative room-high glazed north-west facade represents this direct exchange between clients, visitors and employees in a practical and symbolic way and allows maximum daylight to enter the production and catering areas. In contrast to the fully glazed areas, matt reflective metal facades in lightweight construction give the areas for assembly and dispatch an industrial appearance.


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