Façade of the building is absolutely white along with silver glasses to reflect maximum heat from the structure to keep it cool.

Studio Name: Ar. Gaurav M Mathur
Design Team: Ar Gaurav M Mathur ( Architecture team)
Area              : 1,00,000 sq.ft.
Year              : 2015
Location       : SEZ Mahindra, Jaipur
Consultants  : Civil – Er. Amit Sharma
Photography Credits: Ar. Gaurav Mathur
Other Credits: Mrs. Teena Mathur

Manu Yantralaya- Factory Design, SEZ Mahindra, Jaipur By GM Architects - Sheet3
©Ar. Gaurav Mathur

Complete structure is made up of hollow concrete blocks which are purposely used for major reasons:

  • To keep the building cool as hollow blocks do not allow outer temperature to radiate in side quickly
  • Usage of hollow bricks have also reduced the dead load of the structure hence overall usage of steel has also reduced which has helped client to bring the cost of project down.

Glasses are large and wide enough for lot of natural light & ventilation to get into the structure hence almost no artificial light are required in the day time.

Manu Yantralaya- Factory Design, SEZ Mahindra, Jaipur By GM Architects - Sheet5
©Ar. Gaurav Mathur

Front façade is designed having five arches in the center where three small arches are placed on two either ends or one in the center making perfect symmetrical balance. However, the side bigger arch covers the cutout in the façade so that front looks like one single long façade however the inner part walls like a courtyard.

Structure has been designed in such a way that there are two porches in the central part so that natural light and ventilation can penetrate through the maximum area. At the same time these cut outs are used to access various services and also ventilation.

The wooden staircase leading to upper floor from entrance lobby is actually steel staircase design it has been covered with wooden ply to break the monotony of space which creates an ambience and an iconic feature of the building.

Manu Yantralaya- Factory Design, SEZ Mahindra, Jaipur By GM Architects - Sheet6
©Ar. Gaurav Mathur

Solar panels have been installed on the top of roof to maximize usage of solar energy to reduce the dependency on Govt. Electric supply. VRV-AC has been installed to reduce unnecessary usage of air conditioning also single unit occupies less space.

Building is absolutely symmetrical in EW/NS direction making this building a perfect rectangle which has been in coordination to the rectangle site leaving almost zero wastage of land on site.

©Ar. Gaurav Mathur

Setbacks around the building are large enough to accommodate various site service like underground water tank, water tank for firefighting etc. One side of setback is also used for parking that is North side so that vehicles are protected from direct sunlight.

Water harvesting has been done for full site where water from roof as well as from all side of setback is being used for water storage and is being reused where ever possible.

The dispatch area (loading bay) of the factory is designed to provide ample space for multiple trucks can be operated at a time with proper light and ventilation

Studio Profile

GM Architects is a well established firm based in Jaipur. It firmly believes in the teamwork and is able to offer unique services which are seamless integration of various disciplines. It offers consultancy in the field of Architecture, Interior design, Landscape and Heritage & Conservation.

They have many publications at national as well as international level and some of their projects have been documented by prestigious channels.

GM Architects is committed to developing unique architectural designs that communicate a clear purpose and meaning to its observer. All their projects are initiated with absolute consideration of client’s version. They pride themselves in engaging each client as a participant in the design process. They listen, probe and analyze to ensure that each project as unique.


Manu Yantralaya is a manufacturing unit that excels in bearing production and sheet component casting, located at SEZ Mahindra, Jaipur, with total built up area of about 1 Lac sq.ft. and completion time of about 15 months. This factory is two storied structure completely made up of reinforced cement concrete. Walls are completely made up of hollow cement concrete blocks for reduction of heat during extreme hot climate. This factory is designed for adequate light and ventilation and does not need any artificial light throughout the day.


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